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  1. ethxban


    does anyone know how to change the song when you’re connected to your phone playing music using though AUX on aygo 2006?
  2. ethxban

    hands free!

    does anyone know what the best hands free device is for the aygo 2006?
  3. ethxban

    leaking boot

    i keep finding water puddles in my 2006 aygos boot. the parcel shelf, roof around the boot and the back seats seem to be getting damp and wet - any suggestions?
  4. on my aygo 2006, the owners manual says that there is a light to show when i should gear up or down, does anyone know how to turn this on??
  5. as far as i’m aware, the aygo, citroen c1 and peugeot are all the same car as all three companies were in collaboration when making them - i’d check with a garage first to make sure though.
  6. ethxban


    this worked! thanks so much mate
  7. ethxban


    do you know how to set it so audio comes out of all 4 by any chance?
  8. ethxban


    Hi all, new member with my first car! Ive recently bought the aygo 2006 in a silver/blue colour, 5 door and noticed that even though there are speakers on both back doors, they don’t seem to be making any noise, or are really quiet. are they purely aesthetic and there for show, or do they work?
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