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  1. I think the alternator pulley on my Gen 7 needs replacing (there's an intermittent grating noise coming from that area when the engine gets hot). Any idea where I can get a replacement from please as I can't seem to find one online? Thanks
  2. I've just had a quote from my main dealer for a detachable tow bar to be fitted to my 2019 Corolla TS. This was for 13 pin electrics as apparently a 7 pin kit is not available. The total price was £1524.99, with the labour element being £750 + VAT (6 hours)! Surely that can't be right? Has anybody had a detachable tow bar fitted by an independent and, if so, how much did it cost and what is the situation regarding the car's warranty? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply and yes, that's another good possibility. The car is booked in to be looked at next Wednesday (I won't be using it until then) so I'll update the thread when the problem is diagnosed (fingers crossed it's not too expensive).
  4. My father and I had VAG cars for years before I bought a Toyota. Each was progressively less reliable than the last, with less equipment provided as standard for a higher price. My 2004 Skoda Octavia that I bought new was particularly bad with a catalogue of faults during my four years of ownership (the airbag warning light was on when it was delivered!). The several Skoda dealers I used and Skoda Customer Services were also amazingly bad (such as informing me the wiring loom on the driver's door can be damaged when having a timing belt changed!). Perhaps, when it comes to reliability, other makers can one day catch up with Toyota. 🙂
  5. Has anybody had the alternator on their Gen 7 replaced recently? If so, what kind of price am I looking at? Driving home yesterday I noticed there was an occasional grinding noise coming from the left-hand side of the engine bay. I'm not mechanical so it might not be the alternator but the car isn't using any oil, there's no smoke, the coolant is fine and the head gasket seems OK (no maynonaise under the oil filler cap). There are also no warning lights on. What also makes me think it might be the alternator is I had a flat battery recently (due to lack of use due to lockdown) for which I had to call out the AA. They got the car started but suggested the battery needed replacing as it wasn't recharging very well even though it is a Yuasa less than 18 months old. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Not that I've noticed. The bars have a T-track but are supplied with rubber strips to fit in them. The only thing I would say is the instructions are terrible - it took me the best part of an afternoon to fit them. Having done it once though I could probably fit a brand new pair in about an hour.
  7. I tried to provide the longitude and latitude but was told that their systems don't accept it! Good tip on what3words. Thanks.
  8. I know but when I had a puncture one night a few months ago on an unnamed single track road in the middle of the Devon countryside the Toyota Assistance operator asked if I had the AA App so they could pinpoint my location.
  9. Has anybody with Toyota Roadside Assistance used the AA App rather than the MyT one when they've had a breakdown? Thanks
  10. I've fitted Cruz Airo Fix bars to my Coralla TS, which are considerably cheaper than either the Toyota or Thule ones and am very happy with them.
  11. I don't think I'd ever attempt to change a wheel these days (assuming the car even had a spare) unless I was absolutely desperate. I do lots of motorway driving and not only is the hard shoulder incredibly dangerous but it's quite possible for a car to be blown off a small jack by a passing lorry, high winds, etc.
  12. I got my car back from the dealer today and whilst nobody confirmed what they had done I'm pretty much certain the unit has been swapped out with that from another car because all of my radio station presets and sat nav settings had been cleared but the sat nav now has records of several locations I haven't been to.
  13. The dealer has just rung to say the job is complete. I'll be collecting tomorrow and will update the thread when I know what the exact issue was (the person who rang was unsure). I work in IT and am well aware of what can happen if a firmware update goes wrong so don't think I would ever tackle this job myself - it's just not worth the risk.
  14. My 2019 Corolla 1.8 Excel TS is currently with the dealer having the Apple Play / Android Auto + sat nav maps updated. Unfortunately, they have just rung to say it has gone wrong and may have to replace the entire unit! Has anybody else experienced anything similar during a firmware upgrade? Also, whilst I won't have to pay does anybody know how much a new unit costs (well over a £1000 I would have thought) as they sounded very unhappy on the phone?
  15. I saw those too but sadly you need a longer retaining screw for a full sized wheel.
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