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  1. On 4/27/2022 at 8:40 AM, soonhouse19 said:

    Looking at 1.8 TS Design. Have you test drove the Auris 17" space saver spare wheel and it is 100% safe? Seems like good savings compared to shelling out at the dealers.

    Hi I have 1.8 TS  and fitted a 17in Auris space saver, it will fit fine, as I had a tyre blow out and had to drive on the space saver to a tyre shop.( I had test fitted it when I purchased it.) 

    Without one, I hate to think how long we would have been waiting for the AA. 

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  2. 34 minutes ago, Gray86 said:

    Interesting you found the estate to have more headroom than the HB. I found the opposite when I tested the two in the showroom. Must be only 2mm or something insignificant, however for me was the difference between my hair catching the roof lining and not. 

    Noticably more legroom in the estate though  

    I must admit it was some time ago (pre covid 19) when we had test drives, but TS felt more roomy when briefly sitting in the back, but since then I haven't sat in back and not had any complaints from rear seat passengers so far. 

  3. I drove  1.8 HB and TS before ordering the TS. I couldn't feel any difference in performance. We had the car 15 months and find in the real world performance is fine as is fuel consumption.

    As estate cars go it's not that big, but the extra headroom in the rear for passengers and space in the boot works for us. 

    The only thing missing from the car order options was a spare wheel. The tyre repair kit supplied is of no use other than for very small holes. This was easily sorted by buying a second hand  one. 

  4. I have a TS with a factory fitted detachable bar with 13pin electrics, cost was £415.83 plus vat that was last September. Also car is rated for towing 450kg unbaked 750kg braked. The towbar was listed under factory fitextra options, which I thought was good value. 

    Just checked on Toyota's Web site price is now £509.00 including vat as optional extra new order. 

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  5. On 12/19/2020 at 6:52 PM, fullfathom5 said:

    I was in two minds whether to buy a space saver or a full size wheel but eventually decided on the latter and have ordered the following:


    I also cut a very small hole in the boot carpet to expose the threaded hole for the retaining screw.

    When the wheel arrives I will then need to get a tyre for it and buy a retaining screw although Toyota don't sell one apparently as, according to their official eBay parts store, a 17" wheel won't fit in the wheel well of a Corolla TS (which is obviously incorrect). I also own a Celica that has a full size spare so if that retaining screw fits I shall just buy another the same.

    I ordered one of these from eBay to secure my space saver, seems excellent value.

    Genuine Toyota Avensis Spare Wheel Compartment Securing Screw 2015- 5193105030
    Ordered on 29 Aug 2020

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