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  1. Yep, that's the sound i hear at speed
  2. I have the same model of car and haven't found one. Mind you, this is my third car in a row not to have one, i don't think many cars do these days.
  3. They're usually pretty stable on the motorway, so could be a wheel balancing issue or damage to the tyres perhaps?
  4. Good news that they know about the problem, hopefully a recall will be done. Aside from the 12v battery going flat (and that can be avoided) the Hybrid system malfunction is the other main worry with these cars.
  5. Thanks! Funnily enough i actually did this today before i read your message, and it works! Did the same trip and put the heating on "Hi" in the car park and the engine fired up, by the time i'd left the car park it was almost at proper operating temperature, so turned it down again and the engine stopped. Great minds think alike!
  6. I wouldn't worry about it being in cruise control, due to undulations in the road, and general traffic and auto braking, the engine revs will change a lot even when it's on.
  7. Depends really. The newer models are quieter than the older ones i think. The newer cvt's are only noisy under harsh acceleration. Driven smoothly they're really quiet. If you push hard they hold at high revs.
  8. When you say it rectified itself, did you have to turn it off and on again?
  9. I suspect that this might be the cause of the "hybris system malfunction" limp mode that some owners have experienced. Some kind of drain on the 12v battery that can even happen whilst driving.
  10. Thanks for your input. I'm a regular visitor there so the scenario will repeat itself regularly, so that's worth a try.
  11. Right, so as i understand it from what you're saying, because my hybrid battery was highly charged there's a good chance that the engine wasn't undergoing much load as i ascended the hill? I'm going to Alton Towers again soon, i'm a regular there, so this won't be a one off. So i want to make sure i'm not going to turn this engine into an oil guzzler really.
  12. You're lucky. Not so long ago - after going 12 years without one - i hit some debris dropped from a lorry in front and had a blowout on a dual carriageway. The motoring recovery dry whipped off the destroyed tyre and switched it with the spare and i managed to drive the 70 miles home or so in the dark and inclement weather. Glad i had a spare that day. the tyre sealants are not always effective and it would have been a long wait for a lowloader to come and fetch me from my perious posistion.
  13. Well, I find that on a farily normal day (and with the car being warm having been in the sun) 16c is a nice cabin temperature. 17c seems to blow out tepid air, 15c is a bit too "sharp". Initially at least.
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