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  1. Mine whistles quite a bit. It makes a very "electrical" noise when parked in "Ready" mode with the Bonnet open. I'm a real worrier so have decided to ignore all the noises, i've never had a hybrid before, so i just say to myself "It's supposed to do that".
  2. Yes, i concur. I washed my car last week and left it in "Ready" mode. Took me about an hour and the engine came on twice for only a couple of minutes each time
  3. Agree with the majority here, black paint is the worse for showing up damage. Silver, White and Grey are boring, but tend to not show up damage so much. They also get dirty, but don't seem to get super dirty if you know what i mean
  4. Hello, i recently moved from the VW ownership stable to a brand new Toyota Yaris Design Hybrid. I've not been able to use it as much as i like (due to Covid) but have gone for several local journies. Here's my thoughts : Firstly, economy. It's superb! Most of my journies have been around town, and i'm dissapointed if i get less than an indicated 70 mpg. Before lockdown i managed to have a cruise on the motoway and still averaged 56 mpg. And these figures are achieved in cold weather with heater and aircon on. Secondly, comfort. Again, it's superb, rides smoothly, super smooth CVT tr
  5. Received an email today from my local Toyota dealer, where i brought my car from, offering me to buy a solar powered trickly charger - i assume they've had a few enquiries.
  6. Agreed. I can't make out if there's any coolant in mine at all. There must be because the car hasn't overheated, but i can only view the very top of the reservoir bottle and really can't make out if there's any liquid in it at all. Not exactly reassuring for when i take my first long drive when lockdown travel restrictions are lifted.
  7. That'a bit worrying, i hit potholes almost everytime i use my car - there's too many to safely avoid.
  8. I've been sitting in mine a couple of times a week in "Ready" mode for 30 mins. Hope it's enough. During that 30 mins the engine only fires up once for a couple of minutes, so i don't think it wastes too much fuel
  9. When was the New Yaris type approved? Just wondering, as apart from some whirring and "UFO" noises it's really quiet in EV mode.
  10. I have a new Yaris and the voice control works find with Android Auto. I can ask it navigate to places and play songs and stuff - don't know what else i can use it for though
  11. Mine came on the other day. The displayed tyre pressures on the car computer were correct though, but the two back tyres were shaded in brown and it said "increase pressure". I checked them with my tyre pressure gauge and it tallied with the tyre pressures on the car computer. So i drove it normally, and after about 5 miles the warning went out. Most bizarre
  12. Thanks for the latest update! Quite a saga, but sounds like a good job in the end
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