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  1. The only advice i can give is to open the window and belch very loudly - that always gets attention. People always look when i do it......
  2. Ive had a few rides - as a passenger - in Hyundai's and Kia's and find the head restraints massively uncomfortable, they just don't fit me for some reason. Shame, as i quite like the cars.
  3. I will do when i check it next, probably in a few weeks time.
  4. Not sure about that podcast, but i listen to podcasts on Spotify/BBC Sounds and use the satnav at the same time, it works well.
  5. Had issues with Amazon music on Android Auto - but can confirm that Youtube music works seemslessly with it.
  6. As cyker says, the Mk4 is even harder to accurately read the oil level. Tbh, i've given up. This is now the first car i've ever owned where i don't check it every week. It's pointless as it's very hard to read and always seems to give a different level. I just drive now and hope the red light doesn't come on.
  7. 42,000 miles on original tyres in old VW UP when i sold it, and there was still plenty left. Gentle of the mark, straightlining roundabouts as much as possible, don't acceleate hard on bends. Be interesting to find out how the Yaris fares with it's tyres, it's heavier.
  8. The VW Up! is a great little car. Had one for a few years, and Skoda Citigo before that, never let me down and surprisingly decent on the motorwaty.
  9. Another reason why women in the workplace are great - men see them smile and forget what they went in to whinge about! 🙂
  10. Yeah, i get that with mine, it seems to be louder on first start up or if the traction battery is a bit low. when it does it the battery bars seem to go up quicker.
  11. It's worse than you think. Councils are being "encouraged" by central government to bring in Ulez - it's a conditon of getting central government funding for big projects. One way of paying for it i guess....
  12. Bring it here, i'll look after it for you, as long as i can drive it every day! 🙂
  13. A good choice! Welcome to the forum, hope you don't have to wait too long.
  14. Google Maps for me, but none of them perfect. I've used Waze as well but that failed to me that a road was submerged by a flood, which made me very late for an appointment. Having said that though, Google Maps failed to me that the main road into town was shut for gas main works, it had been shut for 3 weeks by that point. None of them are perfect
  15. Well, i managed to spill washer fluid in parts of the engine bay i can't get to. I tried to mop it up with kitchen roll, but dropped the kitchen roll onto the floor of the engine bay. Couldn't get my arm in to fish it out. I got my much more practical father to have a look. He used a meter stick with a sellotape sticky pad on it to get it out. Neither of us could reach to mop up the washer fluid though - there's no room in the engine bay to your arms in,.
  16. Just to add to what others are saying, the Yaris hatchback is really good on the motoway, even at 70 with the cruise control you'll get 50 plus MPG. 65 mph will give you over 60 mpg. It's pretty stable and quiet too. Once the desired speed has been reached, the revs drop substantially. The Cross will probably not be quite as smooth riding - and will be a little less economical, but i expect it's still the most economical in it's class.
  17. Good point. And much like cat thieves these charmers come "tooled up", so you get your head smashed in if you challenge them. I think the default now is "hear alarm - look the other way"
  18. That's genius! Never thought of that.
  19. Totally agree. Leave it outside in the rain, clean the headlights, wash off road salt. But apart from that, pay someone 4 or 5 times a year. Much less likely to pull your back out!
  20. I couldn't be bothered to wash mine, so just cleaned the headlights the other day. lol
  21. Interesting point. I got fuel the other day, 15 min drive to get there with wipers and lights on because it was dark. I need to use the car on Saturday for a day out, so wanted to give it an hour in "ready mode" to replace the charge which was probably lost on the short drive to the petrol station. So i drove the 15 mins home, with wipers and lights again, then sat in it for 45 mins, turned the wipers off but can't turn off the lights, so thinking that hour in ready mode wouldn't replenish the 12v battery as much as it would if it were bright and dry.
  22. I agree. Some say it has the usual issue of uncomfortable Hyndai headrests though. I hope not, that would be a deal breaker to me. Far more than the looks would, and the looks are great anyway.
  23. I think the shape issue would dissapear after a while of owning it to be honest.
  24. It's almost impossibe! I put a torch down there and all i know is i have SOME coolant fluid. It's really hard to see.
  25. I always drive gently so hopefully this won't happen.
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