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  1. All very interesting, the CEO is now doing nearly 1000 miles a month in her C-HR for business compared with less than 400. Previously rear discs were always looking rusty and unused compared to the fronts. Even now rear discs never look as well used as the fronts so it doesn’t indicate that the rear discs are being used as much as the fronts. Which leads me to think the pad wear issue is down to the electronic park brake. Several threads on hear about rusty rear discs with very low mileage on them.
  2. AndyRC

    Sold out!

    It’s all very unclear at the moment if the 400 is 2022 or included the 2023 allocation. Some people have been told that 400 is the total for the U.K. and there won’t be anymore at all. There are 1000 on a wait list which is now closed.
  3. AndyRC

    Sold out!

    It’s thought to be in the region of 400 for 2022 but Toyota won’t confirm numbers. There should be another allocation for 2023 but again no idea how many or when. It’s new EU safety regulations which are causing the GR86 to be dropped from the end of 2023.
  4. Placed a reservation this morning for an Electric Blue automatic 👍
  5. https://www.gr-zoo.com/attachments/gr86-launch-bulletin-pdf.3063/ Anyone planning on ordering a GR86?
  6. We have never used the Toyota sat nav , the CEO loves Waze and won’t drive anywhere without it. The only infotainment I want in any car these days is a DAB radio and Apple Car Play 👍
  7. Looking forward to having a test drive in this and seeing how the “real world” performance pans out. I’m a couple of years off going BEV but this is looking one of the best so far.
  8. F1s move to 18inch was I believe driven by Pirelli who wanted to at least make the tyre sizes “look” more relevant to road going cars. Unfortunately these days 18 inch sounds pretty small with most manufacturers moving towards 19/20 inch as the smallest option , particularly on the SUV segment 🤷‍♂️
  9. The GR86 won’t be here after 2023, not clear if GRY production will stop, I don’t think you can’t actually order one at the moment, so that only leaves the Supra 🤷‍♂️
  10. Which I’m sure they will never need as they lift off the gas to avoid breaking the law at 60mph 😉
  11. Which I’m sure they will never need as they lift off the gas to avoid breaking the law at 60mph 😉
  12. Fascination with ultimate BHP is quite funny , the more you have the lower % you can actually use. A 270bhp GRC would have more than enough power. The brakes, diffs and brakes would let you use all of what you have. I doubt it would sell to the baggy jogger and baseball cap brigade and would sell to a more discerning demographic 🤔
  13. But it would win top trumps hands down if it gets the GRY brakes , Torsen diffs both ends and adjustable power split on the AWD not a Part time Haldex system 👍
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