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  1. Just to update done everything possibly i can Tire pressure,no extra load,no sharp acceleration or brakes ,very nice and gentle drive ,;loads of gliding ,heating temp 21 its 46mpg local and 54mpg on motorway drive today (about 50 mile trip ) car is 18 plate and done only 8.5K is it like normal mpg in this kind of weather ? what are peoples view on this please
  2. This sounds convincing to me and making me believe that i am alone who gets low mpg in this time of the year
  3. thanks and you got 19 plate yaris hybrid ?so most of yaris hybrid owners are getting around 45mpg mark this time of the year (local )?
  4. Thanks ,yes thats what i was thinking ,how much mpg you are getting this time of the year with heater ON ?
  5. Thanks ,doing the same ,very gentle on throttle and lots of coasting have done trip resets but still struggle to get around 44-45 mpg The graphs shows lots of 100 mpg as well (EV mode )😪 but overall its 45mpg
  6. what sort of mpg other yaris hybrid owners are getting at the moment in december ?is 44-45 mpg satasfoctry this time of the year ?
  7. serviced at 4800 miles its 8000 miles now but has been 18 months since last service
  8. Thanks to all who has replied and advised I am not saying it should give 78mpg as claimed by toyota but dont you think 44mpg (local ) is less than what is expected from a hybrid car ? Thing is i am already following all the tips from people and from toyota so what i am suppose to do ? do you think i should take it to main dealer and ask for a check ?would they charge for it or would it be covered under warranty ? cheers
  9. Thanks ,I dont know offically toyota claims 78mpg i am getting just over half of that even 57 is on lesser side (local)
  10. I am new here and posting 1st time I have bough a 18 plate Yaris Excel Hybrid with only 8000 miles I am a very careful mature driver and i am taking care of everything possible to get a better MPG but its not working at all No sharp braking or accleration ,always in eco mode ,trying to be in EV mode as much as possible ,tire pressure ,planning ahead etc but since i have bought it best MPG it has returned is 44 mpg in town and have done about 600 miles locally but its always returning about 44-45 mpg can anyone help /advise whats wrong with car ?it should do more miles
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