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  1. I think these are all simplest methods that cannot be left out, right
  2. There are times when you get a surprise when you turn on your air conditioning and there is that strange, almost moldy smell invading your car. Most likely, there has been a build-up without your notice, and mold and mildew have chosen to settle in as a result of the moisture released by your air conditioning system. So today I got some recommendations to get that moldy smell off your Toyota car 🤪 First, make sure to clean a possible source of food. It is best practice to avoid any possible food source for this bacteria, which includes dead leaves that are usually close or trapped on
  3. Here are some frequently asked questions about brake pads that you might want to know. Hope this post helpful for you 😗 Q: What's a brake pad? Brake pads are parts generally made of metals used to slow down the car. It's the one that scratches the brake rotor. Q: Why are my brake pads wearing down fast? There are several reasons to understand why the brake pads wear out easily. However, the most common reason is your driving habit, which may be an excessive amount of brake use. Q: Are the brake pads and brake calipers the same thing? No, the brake calipers and the
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