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  1. Smelling fuel in the oil really bad is trying to milk you with fuel

  2. Thanks real appreciate the opinion just cost me to go get the one my kid wreaked its 5 hours away lol
  3. 1 my son rolls a good little motor I just don't know about the computer cuz it didn't have group cruise control or Windows and stufthe motor and be all right
  4. Yes off her word but I got another car same year same color just rolled lol not funny thank god my son was fine but should I change everything from there to this one
  5. 2 keys tryed both 1.5 if crank sensor bad would u have spark
  6. I have any won't throw off no codes I even tried starting fluid in it and no difference
  7. Is a college girl I bought it from she said that her mechanic said there was a sensor I don't know
  8. I appreciate the help Hope I word that better

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    2. GeorgeChrisman


      The one that is wrecked is a Toyota Yaris 2009 sedan now I have another Toyota Yaris 2009 base my son rolled it and it fires right up I thought if I have to I'll take the motor out of it 

  9. I just bought the car very little damage when it hits deer on the passenger side got the AC condenser and the radiator I bought it because my son rolled mine same exact year this one's got it all Electronics in it it's only got 159,000 miles on it other than that the car is in good shape I have not checked the fuel pressure but when you pull a spark plug out the number one when it's wet with fuel
  10. turns over I got spark to all four spark plugs the plugs are wet with fuel I have the gas pedal wide open cranking it does better when you don't push on the gas pedal sounds like a really want to take off but never just start
  11. Sorry turns over I'm getting fire spark plug smell like they got fuel on spark plugs they r wet with fuel and it turns over like a want to fire up it just won't take on off I'm thinking in might be values hoping not
  12. I have sounds like it wants to fire up it's trying but never takes off
  13. I have a 2009 Toyota Yaris it will not start I'm getting spark smell fuel on spark plug but haven't tested damaged person who got I have ether in it and will not start on ether sounds like it wants to start with nothing
  14. I have a 2009 Toyota Yaris hit a deer getting spark and pulling the spark plug and won't start
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