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  1. This is the one: https://catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/catalog/MANN-FILTER Katalog Europa/CUK 1919 😉
  2. this is what the answer was from autodoc on the comments from their youtube movie: "You are absolutely right, the filter must be set with an upward arrow, we will definitely take this into account in the following videos. AUTODOC"
  3. Autodoc UK was wrong into the movie! Comment from Marcel T is right and Autodoc comfirmed it. So the filter must be set with an upward arrow (yellow part must be up)!
  4. To put Biofunctional cabin air filter into auris hybrid TP 2013-20218. Does the yellow part have to be up or down? https://catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/catalog/MANN-FILTER Katalog Europa/Vehicles/CARS %2B TRANSPORTERS/TOYOTA/Auris II (E180)/1.8 Hybrid 2ZR-FXE (T00000000351405)/Accessories, Cabin Air Filter/FP 1919
  5. Is it ok to spray silicone spray on the rubber drive shaft cover? To prevent it crakking, spray once a year with slicone spray. Are there some risk? Do I have to watch out that I don't spray other parts next to it?
  6. Thanks for the Advice AisinW, for my Auris 0w20 is just perfect and the motul 0w20 is specialy made for japanes hybrid cars. I agree that the safest way is just juse an airblower to remove the dust. For the rest I'm not gone play to much an take risk with the battery ventilator.
  7. With the oil change, filters changes and other cheques. I'm gonne handle also the battery filter (I don't have battery problems but better to prevent it) like in the movie here:
  8. I will use a adjustable-oil-filter-wrench for putting the new filter back on. I was thinking to put it a little bit more than hand tight to give the wrench a small extra 2 finger push. Thanks for the good tip!
  9. Thanks, As a beginner I can keep it better simpel and safe in the conventional way 😉
  10. thanks for the advice. If you jack up the car on one side, does the oil then go better out? I will change the oil every year and I drive 5000 miles a year so in this case it's perfect 😉 (I've got 75.000 miles count) The oil that I use is Motul 0w20 hybrid (Is good for al Japanese cars) and the price is stil ok and is certified by API.
  11. Thank's a lot, good to know that I have to let the engine running for about 10-15 min + break 10 min. I didn't know the auris hybrid have maintenance mode, that I for shure have to check out firts. And let's hope they dindn't make the filter to thight 😉
  12. The rags for shure, I know myself 😉 Filter remove before draining the oil & and do it on room tempature looks like a handy tip. Good advice to take a good look at the sump plug and filter before putting sump guards back on. Thanks a lot fot the advice
  13. 35NM I guessi guess that's hand tight + a small quarter extra push with a key.
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