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  1. I currently have a GR Yaris but with a baby on the way and 2 dogs I might have to admit defeat to my girlfriend who wants me to get a proper family car haha. I’ve enquired about a 2020 Rav4 excel 2wd 2.5 hybrid and got a quote where I’d be no worse off monthly swapping them. Does anyone have any experience they could share from these new RAV4’s? hows the boot space are they reliable? I know it has a long warranty but would prefer not to have a unreliable car in the garage all the time? what’s the real life mpg is there much difference between 4wd? what type of 4wd do these offer is it permenant or like a haldex where it’s 2wd most of the time? would anyone with kids or kids and dogs recommend one? thanks I’m advance if anyone can help
  2. What’s the real world mpg on the Yaris 1.5 hybrid? Do they struggle for fuel economy on the motorway?
  3. Thanks. we are gonna look at aygo/c1/107 aswel how do they cope with rust.. better or worse than Yaris?
  4. Haha I doubt the salesmen would be happy for me to jack it up being a sub 1k car. Just need something to be cheap and last a few years hoping these will be suitable. Do you actually think it I will be able to see the problem areas for rust just looking underneath with its high tide height? I’ve Never worked on one of these to get an idea
  5. I’m a qualified mechanic so can do the work for him. But don’t have access to a ramp anymore and little car sales places don’t let you look at cheap px cars on ramps do they?
  6. My dad is looking for a cheap run around and one of these is available local with about 120k miles, I know they used to have a reputation for being reliable is that still the case in 2021 considering how old they are? he doesn’t do motorway miles just driving around the doors really would be 99% of his driving. are parts cheap for these and can they plug an aux cable in? He refuses to learn computers but likes to play music from his phone is that an option on these?
  7. If this is from 2016 how applicable is this in 2021?
  8. I’m going to do my homework on gen1 and gen2 do you have any info and which years are which? before we pull trigger on the new Corolla dawned on me it’s probs better to get a used one with big chunk of 10 years warranty remaining and previous owner taking the depreciation hit. Also what about the Lexus CT-200h is that identical to the Corolla or Prius? that’s actually quite good that they can be changed separately, I take it the technicians can identify which cell goes bad if one does? im actually annoyed top gear brainwashed me in my younger days regarding hybrids they are great but I feel like playing catch up on the technical aspects
  9. That makes sense. Thanks Guys. does anyone know how much a hybrid battery replacement costs for a worst case scenario if for example was looking at an separate old Toyota hybrid for the dirty duties?
  10. We have a dog and getting another so will have 2 dogs in it, how does the filter effect reliability, does it prevent flow which affects temp or something?
  11. That is true but I’m not gonna push my luck trying to convert her to a Prius I practically walked on water and cured lepresy when I won her over on the Corolla 😂… it does look like a wedge though ahah. It looks much bigger than a Corolla aswel It never seen one side by side
  12. That’s beautiful when I’m used to my average 22mpg for my Yaris lol. my gf managed 499 miles from her little Audi A1 on fumes which was amazing compared to wht we are used to that Corolla is getting better by the day! for them miles was that basically running empty or just when light come on?
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