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  1. my wife only has a automatic licence plus im lazy are parts easy to find as when i had my MR2 and Hilux parts suppliers were easily found is this the same for the RAV 4? Many thanks Steve
  2. Hi all Im Steve havent been on TOC for a very long while must be 3 years now a i defected to Ford not my fault had to sell my Hilux Surf as my wife passed her test and could not get insured so i brought a little fiesta, but i think now is the time to get another Toyota. Im hoping to find some buying advice on buying a used 1994 - 2000 automatic RAV 4. I have a budget of £2500 - £4000 and would like to know if there are any problem areas that i should look for when buying one and if mileage is an issue ie are they worn out after xx amount of mile or are they almost bullet proof. Any advise would be greatfully received many thanks Steve
  3. No not unless your vehicle is april 2006 onwards also look at your log book as newish vehicles have the C02 amount produced by the vehicle if its blank it goes by engine size i think mine is £180 a year or something like that.
  4. best thing to do mate is if your machanicly minded do to get the tailgate down remove the carpeted section undo the metal plate and have a look in and see whats happend could be its come off it runner or something or a clip has come loose.
  5. Hi mate the 2.4 is a bit under powered (well in the surf anyway) the 3.0 is better for pulling. As for over heating it could be the themostat or rad may need a flush, mine gets rather warm when pulling my boat up the hills in Devon but i fitted a switch to cut in the electric fan and that seems to work. Wouldnt have thought it would be a serious problem if the vehicle dont do it under normal use.
  6. If you have oil leaking / damp patches on the shocks or as Aidyleeds said, When i replaced mine i used the Pro Comp ES3000 as they are modern gas shocks
  7. Ive got a bullet camera you can have mate as i used on my Surf and then took it off but as i work with CCTV i can get a new one anytime for myself so if you want the old one i'll dig it out and send you it mate if you PM me your address
  8. try this always works with mine get the tank down to 1/4 put 1/2 a litre of red x for diesel in and then get the engine up to normal running temp the drive it like you stole it for 5 mile. also most of the them smoke to some degree pulling away with a bit of welly
  9. at the moment we have a shared drive but me and my neighbour get on well so i use his spot to put my boat on as i only really use it at weekends in the summer and he parks his works van in my spot as hes in and out all the time but if i didnt get on with them it would be a complete nightmare.
  10. im a big kid and i want this to add to my R/C collection
  11. Almost the same thing happened to me with someone cloneing my card but my bank quick off the mark and when money tried to be withdrawn their system somehow knew it couldn't be me they blocked the card then called me and asked if it was me and said they had already ordered me a new card and it was in the post. couldn't ask for a better service
  12. Two very fine cars ive always wanted a Navara in light blue but never has the money to get one and then my neighbour went and got one i nearly cried
  13. Could you stop the bad languange in the Toyota 4x4 section with words like l**d rover and R**ge rover Thankyou
  14. From what i heard they are about 176bhp and do anything from 10-25mpg depending on how you drive it HTH
  15. all depends on the insurance company some allow a few small modifacations others wont even insure the car if its modified but its always best to inform the insurer that the vehicle is modified as you can bet in the event of a claim and they find a way to riggle out of paying out they will, I even mentioned my tow bar as a modifacation as it wasnt standard equipment. You could always ask them and see what they say
  16. Off work from the 20th until the 2nd will be using this time to put stuff into storage ready for our move next year and trying to see as much of our family as possible
  17. I love christmas and the songs but im just a big kid My favorite xmas song has to be Slade- Merry Christmas Everyone as i loved it as a kid and always got excited as when i heard it i knew Christmas wasnt far away
  18. I have a faith and it works for me but what pees me off is when people of other faiths knock on the door and try to tell me what i believe is incorrect and that they are correct and i ask them why do they think they are correct and im not and the anwser always is "i asked god and god told me". I believe in my faith because of the way it makes me feel and think i am a better person for it and if at the end of my time if there is no god or heaven at least i have lived my life the way i feel is right.
  19. Dont think it will happen as it would destroy this country as a large amount of people in this country struggle already to pay mortgages and council tax plus bills and then run a car to go to and from work and if they have to pay £1.50 per mile and work 10 miles away that would cost then £30 a day £150 a week and if they only earn £250 a week net they are left with £400 a month to pay for everything and wouldnt be long before they lost their house couldnt put fuel in the car and then lose their job and then the goverment has to surport them when they could quite easily have surported themselfs before this stupid and totaly impractical idea.
  20. Nicked ,Robbed, Stolen from another forum http://www.eyegas.com/xmas05/
  21. Try these http://www.toyotahilux.com/index.php?doc=1...320&vid=683
  22. Nice one Fizz As for mortgages there are loads my personal opinion is a fixed rate if you went for a 2 year fixed it would be a lower intrest rate than a 5 year fixed but some times its better to get a 5 year fixed i found it was only about £15-£30 a month (depending on lender)extra than a 2 year fixed but make sure if you do go for a fixed there is no tie in after the fixed rate period. Although a 2 year fixed may look nice and cheap at the time after 2 years your on the bank of england base rate + what the lender adds on which if the base rate goes up you could find yourself in a hole where with a 5 year fixed you have 5 years you know you will paying X amount of pounds. There are also capped where you pay the bank of england base rate but it rises to the cap you pay no more. Then there are Trackers which just track the bank of england base rate. I wouldn't go for a cash back as there is no such thing as a free lunch. All the best mate
  23. it looks like (fingers crossed it dont all fall through) our house sold today and our offer was excepted on our new property we have the mortgage accepted all should hopefully do now is wait for the solicitors to do their bit which im guessing normally takes 3 months.
  24. I believe its as we are part of the europe community we have to sell suff by the metric system and if i remember correctly some greengrosser was using the imperial system and was told if he didnt sell by metric or both he would be heavily fined. the worlds gone mad
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