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  1. In the days when I used the Passat and Montego, annual mileage was in excess of 30,000 and only now that I am retired has the mileage fallen, particularly this year.

    Injector cleaner used on a regular basis.

  2. My Avensis T4 Tourer D-4D let me down recently. Driving at about 55 mph on slight downhill grade in moderate traffic a warning 'check parking brake' appeared. I appeared to have lost propulsion, the brake was obviously off and as nothing else appeared wrong I put the car out of gear and the engine stopped turning immediately. Engaging gear failed to start the engine. I was able to turn into a side road and coast to a halt. The engine would not restart and the car had to be recovered. Using the diagnostic plug the only message given was 'engine will not start'. Further investigation sho
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