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  1. Hi Ernie, I’m looking to buy a space saver wheel for my RAV4 PHEV, could you give me some advice? Is the current RAV4 hybrid space saver suitable as my car has 19” wheels?
  2. According to the manual it’s 500 miles before towing and then not exceeding 45mph for the next 500 miles. It fits in with my holiday plans to do a 1,000 miles before towing my caravan , ( loaded weight 1410kgs). The car can tow 1500kgs, it will be interesting to see how it performs. I agree with Ernie you can put it in S mode to slow down and regenerate but in the end it’s easier to let the car sort itself out and just be gentle on the brake. I’m thinking S mode will be useful for slowing down when traveling downhill with the van , anybody with experience of this. No info in the manual.
  3. No traffic like Apple maps or Google , it does have 3D. Apple’s car play works well.
  4. The navigation is better than my previous car a 2006 RAV4 but not a patch on my sons Mercedes, it does show speed camera’s, but as we don’t have speed cameras in Wiltshire I don’t have a lot of experience but I believe it alarms if you are approaching one at speed. Every one is different, and I particularly wanted the panoramic roof, my son has the PVM on his Mercedes and doesn’t use it now. Interestingly, I drove back from London round the S circular and down the A3 with the car in EV mode and achieved 51.8miles before the petrol engine kicked in. I have since driven down to Poole 59 miles in Hybrid mode and achieved 67.3mpg. In the USA, I believe, they can specify lots of extras, and the PVM is mentioned in the European specs, but definitely not in the UK spec. The only options were tow bar, mud flaps, and rubber mats if I remember correctly. I have the tow bar, but have to put 1,000 miles on the clock before I can tow over 45mph
  5. I have the RAV4 dynamic premium and it certainly does not have the 360 degree camera or the electronic rear view mirror
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