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  1. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    Hi Joe Thanks for your reply My own reasoning was that the Corolla would primarily be used for shorter trips which make up the vast majority of use and longer "road trips" be done in the slightly more comfortable Audi (which also has the advantage of better snow performance.) I'm quite attached to the Audi tbf. Although I am intrigued to see how the Corolla performs on a longer trip. I am aware of the controversies regarding EV vehicles re: battery and exploitation, but most of the world runs on similar chemicals with similar issues. The device you are using to send this message
  2. IrnBro

    cat thieving

    I am also a fan of cats, our cat unfortunately died last year 😞
  3. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    Well, primarily for short shopping trips, but I like having versatility in a vehicle. Good thing I require neither your contribution nor your absolution Yes I am contemplating an electric vehicle although will need to consider the infrastructure requirements
  4. If it was a bit cheaper and I was more certain of keeping my Corolla, I would definitely be looking at it. I'm pretty sure for the most part it uses its own hardware to sense and analyse its environment, not Toyota's onboard stuff.
  5. IrnBro

    cat thieving

    A thread called "cat thieving" by a user called Catlover.. genuinely thought this was about something else and was wondering its relevance to Toyota Corollas
  6. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    I interpreted "Some people may get near to the test figures and some won't" as having the qualifier of 'all other things being equal', something akin to the silicon lottery in processors where there is a natural variation between product to product. If your sentence referred to different driving styles then I misunderstood it. Thanks to everyone for replying, I have read through the thread and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments. I did embark on a longer drive a day or two after this and your predictions bore true - mpg ended up being in the 50s. U
  7. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    All other things being equal, there seems to be a large disparity between what I get and what others get from what I have read on reviews and also people posting their experiences on forums That some people might get near to that and some people won't shouldn't be glossed over as 'oh well, guess I lost the hybrid lottery', 60% difference isn't an acceptable variance in efficiency between cars
  8. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    Hi Tony Thanks for your reply This was just one instance of the car's mpg being very low. I had a trip to make this morning and the mpg was even lower - 27. It has never returned an mpg of above 50 on a trip for the 2 months I have had it so far. Mpg has only exceeded this on the half of a trip that is overall downhill, and returns to average on the return trip uphill. I have already browsed through the forums for advice before making an account and this post. Regarding the factors you list, my driving style is consciously sedate and consistently return high numbers on Toyota's
  9. IrnBro

    MPG issue

    Got a new Corolla 2.0 a couple months ago Have thus far been underwhelmed with the efficiency I was wondering if the figures it's returning are typical of the car and it is my driving and/or expectations which need adjustment, or if there is something abnormal with my particular vehicle which Toyota may be able to rectify. I always drive in eco mode and take note of the eco scores presented at the end. Stopping is the only score which sometimes drops low due to sudden red lights and the like. For example, yesterday , as I sat in my car it showed 34mpg. I decided I would re
  10. Really interesting. How does openpilot interface with the car? Is it a truly hands off experience? Also your videos made it look like the braking is sometimes very hard and sharp. What kind of mpg does openpilot return? Which corolla do u have?
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