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  1. Hi, this update was purchased on 31/7/2020 from the My Toyota online Estore - cost £199 at the time. I've been doing a bit of research and think it may be that the screen needs to be calibrated as I can get it to more or less function correctly if I tap slightly below the buttons on the screen. eg to select city, I tap on the line underneath or at the top of the street button. I do wonder if the update caused all this as my favourites are unaffected but problems occur when attempting a new destination (which is not very often). Whilst I have the downloaded software on a stick, I no longer
  2. My 2015 Verso has been upgraded to 6.15OWL software installed but is now misbehaving! Try to enter any city or postcode and the screen defaults to COUNTRY. I can enter another country but as soon as I try to enter a city or postcode it returns to COUNTRY. Stored locations such as Home, Work etc still work OK. Have tried to input co-ordinates but that doesn't work either! Buttons often need several taps before it works. CD & other media work fine. Any suggestions please?
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