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  1. Thank you all for your responses 👍 I've spoken to a few more friends today and going to attempt their recoendations tomorrow as well. I'm hoping it's not the death rattle 🤞
  2. Hi Joe & Christopher, Thanks for your responses, in answer to your questions: Since July 2020, 6 months, and the service book hasn't been updated since 2011, although I MOT'd it in August. Correct, the vehicle has been quiet untill this morning after I filled up. I've only used this pertrol station once before (I think), Which they only had 95 Unleaded. I've not changed the grade, she was quite low on petrol before filling up, if this helps. I've taken the oil filler cap off and it's the same volume & It still rattles with the clutch down.
  3. Hey, I'm Rory 🙂 I picked up a nice 1.8 VVTi, 02 reg last July, after getting back from traveling, and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. She has 127,000 on the clock, and has been running smothly since this morning until after I filled the tank up. There's a rattle noise comming from the engine 😞 From what I've google'd, it could be an ignition coil? I've asked my dad and he's say's it sounds like the camshaft? I've uploaded the video for the sound, to youtube: https://youtu.be/bbd3OdyG11Q What I've done so far; is not much tbh as I dont know alot, but I
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