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  1. I confirm that the extension here is 3+2+2...for the new yaris they asked 200 euro. Actually in terms of shape I prefer more the old yaris than the new and ther eis more space....so maybe the old yaris could be my choice, but is it worth to buy it 1/2 years used??
  2. Sorry to ask, but is it possible to keep the original Warranty even if the vehicle is used? let imagine that the 1 owner bought the car and subscribed 5 years warranty...does this warranty comes automatically to the new owner if the 5 years are not expired? Another question: are the component you mentioned so "easy to break" in 5 years usage? I am planning to keep the car 5/6 years max, this why i ask. COnsider that the CVT version of Yaris new cost 2000 euro less that the Hybrid and it doesn't have any clutch. On the other side the smallest Aygo which I like to does not exist as Hybrid
  3. But it is over my budget unless looking for a Yaris my20 second hand (1 year old maybe)...
  4. I understand that based on my list the most suitable is the Yaris with CVT not Hybrid, correct?
  5. I forgot to add: For me is important the reliability: I want to keep the car min. 5 years and I will always do the Maintenance in Toyota; I prefer to spend a bit more now and not lose the nerve to bring the car to repair for stupid things, over the normal service Unfortunately the Last yaris Hybrid is expensive so i was figuring out if the CVT not Hybrid could be a good options even if it has 3 cylinder (1.5 liter) and if the Multidrive S transmission can easily overtake 100.000 KM according to my described usage Halb Automatic is also fine...I not want to push any clutch,
  6. Hello dear Community Members, I am here because this year I want to buy a Toyota. Actually my budget is max 19000 euro and I have this usage profile: 15/18000 km per year Daily commuting to work (11 Km to go and 11 to come back) Daily usage of a ramp to exit the garage (15% inclination) Almost 3 times per week going to a Mall + Gym which have parking spots on the 4th floor (So ramping up again) Living in Germany (Munich) so a lot of salts during winter on the street due to snow I would say that 70% of time is spent in extra-city streets and 30% in the
  7. Hello Guys, I am actually an Italian living in germany and this year i want to buy a car. I came to this forum to acquire some info and opinion. I am 40 years old and working in IT :) thank you!
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