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  1. This is good discussion to be documented on the forum. Not even my dealer knew that MyT services are available also for cars without a navigation system/external data connection. I got the info from the local Toyota customer service team.
  2. This is the right answer. Like I wrote earlier, MyT tracking has nothing to do with your phone. The app is just downloading the data that the car has sent to the Toyota servers. The inbuilt eCall system has a GPS and data connection that are used for this.
  3. I do not think, it makes much difference whether you are using Android or iOS. The car location and trip info is uploaded to Toyota's servers through the car's inbuilt connection/GPS. Then the app just downloads the data from the servers. You can see the same info using MyT via a web browser. Of course, if you are sending preplanned trips to your car's navigation system, then it can be dependent on the app and OS. There have been some occasions for me, where the trip data is missing completely or appears only after a few hours. Also the location data is usually lagging behind in these situations. I suppose that hybrid score saying "Not applicable for this trip" is normal, if you drive only for a very short distance. There's not enough driving data to calculate a meaningful score.
  4. Looks like the situation has been fixed for me today. All trips from this morning are showing the scores again.
  5. Thanks for the input, highly appreciated! I have an iPhone, and the app was last updated Feb 27. There must be something fishy going on with Toyota servers.
  6. Hi, I've been using MyT app with my 2021 Corolla TS. It has been working OK so far for recording trips, but starting from yesterday all new trips are missing the hybrid driver score. It just says "Not applicable for this trip". I know that this is normal for very short trips, but now it stopped uploding the scores completely. Anyone else with this problem?
  7. I don't think that you can get a fully heated windscreen. However, there is a wiper de-icer meaning that only the bottom of the windscreen is heated. Most of the models has it a standard in Finland.
  8. I have a Corolla TS GR Sport 2.0 Hybrid. It has been quite cold in Finland lately. At -10 C I was still getting ~51 mpg on my 15 mile commute (1/3 town, rest 50 mph). Now it's -20 C, and the mileage dropped to 42 mpg. At this cold temperature the EV time is only 5 %, but I'm still quite happy when comparing to my previous turbo petrols.
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