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  1. Thanks to all of you. I found it. Back right hand side in the boot and you have to remove a small side panel- easy. I decided that having had to use the jump start twice the battery was dying and so I had it replaced it at a cost of 136 Euros- it is a special battery as you advised me. The old one was pushing 8 years old but, being where it was, it was pristine. And our temperatures have gone up- 11º at 8 am as opposed to 3ª when I was having the problem. Stay safe Johncon
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the imput. I use the car every day but normally only do about 5 km/ I drive to the gym!!!!!! Since the problem started I do a longer run every 3 days . I've only done 68000 km from new I've serviced the every year and the last battery check (July 2020) said everything was OK. Quite frankly I didn't even know I had a 12 volt battery in the car! Where is it hidden? If I knew where it is, changing it would be no problem.
  3. I've owned my Auris from new in March 2013 and have always enjoyed it. I live in sunny Sitges near Barcelona and only average about 10,00km a year, mainly in in short runs. With the cold weather this month I've encountered a problem with starting - no battery! But I have a super, tiny, jump start gadget which I keep in the glove compartment and once you know how to do it , it is very easy to start the car and carry on. It's happened to me twice now and the local Toyota distributor workshop head told me it's not unknown and that I should take the car on a 50 km run, ideally on the motorway
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