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  1. I have no cameras showing on the map now, anybody else?
  2. My experience today: Direct line doubled my premium over last year when I was insuring a Volvo V40, so I started looking around... Toyota Insurance declined to quote Lots of other quotes, but I went with LV, who were reasonable at last years premium + bit less than 10% I was a bit surprised Toyota declined to quote, I don't recall that ever happening before.
  3. I went to the trouble of using the awkward store interface and then realised my USB stick was at work, so I tried the OTA update. That went OK, once i'd figured out how to get online, but it is only 190MB, so does anybody know what am I getting with the OTA update? Answering my own question, it said at the end, GB/IE.
  4. The slot is in the cover, that's how you prise it off to reveal the button
  5. It's in the manual under "shift lock system"
  6. I have experienced the car moving forward slightly occasionally when I park. How is that possible with the handbrake on?
  7. The jolt happens at the exact moment I manage to move the gear stick out of park. Is it possible the cable arrangement is the other way round? Spring to actuate, cable pull to release? Another thing, when I research this people say P to D and P to R as if there is a difference. It's always P to R, in a Corolla at least (as there is no choice to pass thru R I mean).
  8. I did that exact procedure for a while (and still do if I remember to do it) but know that it does not help. This is parking on the flat by the way. I can tell when it is going to jolt as it is an effort to move the gear lever from P to R.
  9. Does anybody else experience a jolt moving from park to reverse? It used to happen rarely, now it happens nearly every time.
  10. Well I've found the section in the manual that tells me to turn off the headlights before jump starting, now to find how to turn off the headlights...
  11. I ordered the noco starter, but they have no stock until April. The Autowit supercap jump starter looks interesting. I think any decent (say >5Amp) 12V power supply would get the corolla started, you just have to get it past the HV test check. One thing that might get in the way is the headlights, mine always seem to come on as soon as i press the start button.
  12. I have had all these problems and thought it was normal. I use the android version. I believe that every single journey i've made has downloaded eventually, but a block of about 3 were missing for 6 days!
  13. I just went and had a look at my battery, it's a Varta 345 LN1-MF 45Ah CCA 286A, no mention of what type of battery it is on the labels and surprisingly little information to be found on the web. The manual for my car says 15Amp fast charge, 5Amp slow charge, so I think it is a conventional (albeit maintenance free) lead-acid battery. I also looked to see where I could attach a current clamp, the ground connection to the chassis seemed the easiest option as the positive side splits off into 3 cables. The positive side of the battery is wired straight into a small fuse box that a
  14. The press release says "The MyT connected car app and multimedia has additional functions, including stolen vehicle tracking, remote status check which confirms if the lights are off, the windows closed and the doors locked, and eCare remote “health check” which alerts the owner to any malfunction warnings that require attention." The remote status check sounds useful, I don't have that.
  15. "Connected car / MYT functionality upgrades including Tracker, Remote Status & e-care." I don't have this funcionality, does anyone else?
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