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  1. So about 21000 miles per year. I would have bought the 1.8 or maybe a diesel if it was motorway miles.
  2. Just been reading about Huawei and Google services. That doesn't look promising at all.
  3. The revs is the CVT, sport mode won't help. Google services are easy enough to add. You don't get them with many of the custom OS's and just add them separately. Not sure about Android Auto though.
  4. I don't do anything special at all. It's all the car. I don't have the displays on telling you the mpg or any stats. I have a 13 mile commute that's all A roads, very little queuing involved.
  5. Yeah I didn't think the MPG was anything special, pretty much the expected figures for the 2L. I thought the most interesting thing was the +6% improvement E5 (Tesco Momentum) seems to give me.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lzrgX1yWN-RTn61B2XqiMjvkBqfjxLyldkEf9DwFMqQ/edit?usp=sharing In case anyone is interested 😀
  7. Paddle gear changes why ? https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/194908-paddle-gear-changes-why/
  8. The paddles are a complete waste of time. They don't do anything sensible. Even when you try and use them for engine braking it lasts a couple of second before the hybrid system overrides what you did.
  9. You need to enable Bluetooth tethering to get the camera detection to work properly. That will also enable the camera report button and show average speed cameras too.
  10. So there are no physical buttons on the sides of the screen on my22 infotainment?
  11. The youtube guy put the 2nd horn where the AVAS speaker goes
  12. Since 17/1/2021 the hybrid coaching part of MyT has decided my journey start times are the days before journey end time, so my half hour trip to work looks like it took 15h and I was driving at 2mph. Similar for the other journeys. So I've driven for 292 hours in the last 3 weeks according to MyT.
  13. The web page is dated April 2020, but i'm pretty sure it used to say 20 minutes in ready mode and has been revised to 60 minutes in ready mode, anybody else remember it that way?
  14. I bought a booster, because I thought I drive it enough not to have every day problems, but if I leave it in an airport car park for 2 weeks, that's another matter. Since then, I've also measured the current drain, it's not bad at all, can't see why the battery wouldn't last many weeks.
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