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  1. Thank you all, appreciate the feedback
  2. Hi all, I'm due an MOT soon and slightly concerned that my Toyota might fail due to a rear tyre. A few weeks ago, my wife drove with a deflated/punctured tyre home. I went to a tyre shop to repair it, but the sidewall is damaged beyond repair. It's not a big issue, but knowing that MOT can be exigent, I'm rather concerned now. Do you think would could be a fail? Should I replace it? Thank you
  3. Hello community, I recently bought a second hand Toyota-ceritified Auris (64 reg). It came with a 1 year warranty so hopefully this will keep me away from major expenses. I recently flew abroad and left the car at the airport parking for about 5 weeks (over Christmas/New Year). Obviously nobody moved it, so it stayed there throught rain, snow and miserable weather. Upon return I was very excited to see again my Auris. When I tried to reverse, the car initially didn't move (probably the break pads got stuck) but after pressing the accelerator slightly it got unstuck. The issue is that now I can hear a noise from the rear axel/wheels. So each time the tire does a full rotation, there is a muffled clunk. But when I press the break pedal the noise intensifies and I can feel vibrations/hits through the pedal. Would greatly appreciate if anyone could share if they have had the same issue. Should I be worried or there is a chance this will go away? I drove about 30-40 miles so far an it's pretty unchanged. Thank you very much
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