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  1. Thanks everyone, I ended up going to my local Toyota garage, they sorted it out very quickly and cheaply so it's all working perfectly agan now.
  2. The tailgate on my Verso S has recently become very difficult to open. It seems to be stuck on one side of the car, on more than one occasion it has taken two people to open it, one to depress the lock outside and one to push from inside. The tailgate unlocks imediately, the mechanism is working OK and the interior light comes on, but if I then try to lift it, it won't budge.
  3. I have a thing about dirty windscreens so I give mine a quick squirt and wash every day! That is, until I was furloughed last year for 6 months. During this time the car was hardly used and now I have a problem with the front washer nozzle, the motor is working fine but the water just dribbles out and only reaches the bottom of the screen, not high enough to be picked up by the wiper arm. We have blown it through from the bottle end using a stirrup pump, and we've tried the same thing but from the nozzle end, plus we've done the usual pin down the nozzle trick but it seems that the blockage
  4. Hi I am a new member here, I own a Verso S. It's a great car with surprisingly great headroom for the dogs!
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