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  1. He never did pick a date mate..My post was from 18th May 2006.. Nothing's happened since then!!!!!
  2. Oaky doak John..... Thinking of trying to get a stand at this years Welsh Motor Show... Is T.O.C going to be there??? That's a lovelly photo...Shame about us bod's being it...
  3. Cool We'll be leaving Grosmont around 10:30/11:00ish ;) From the Angel(village pub) My home phone = 01981240477
  4. Sorry 'bout the short notice.. I've a GT4OC event happening on Sat/Sun April 21st/22nd Saturday night is a Night Nav'/Pub meet in Grosmont.Meet at the Angel Inn,Grosmont.19:00hrs(O/S MAP 161)Camping available Sunday=scenic drive around Mid-Wales(Rhayader,Elan Valley area) All Welcome Nell(Neil Pearce) PHONE =01981240477
  5. Meet Saturday in Grosmont[if people are travelling i've o.k'd camping in the field at the back of our house]The pub's only 200yrds up the road Sunday is a drive around day starting with a trip to Hay-on-Wye,then Builth Wells,Rhayader then Llanddewi Breffi via the Elan Valley...Off then to Brecon with a bit of the Beacons and endding up in Abergavenny... ;) Do give it a go and don't forget your cameras....
  6. Three idea's for ya..... 1]Wales...Leave it to me and Darren[i'm sure we can sort enough out for an entire weekend..We normally do]Free trip down a coal mine,Karting/ outdoor activity's[centre just down the road from me].Scenic drive's around the Black mountains,The Dam's in the Elan Valley,Brecon Beacons...etc...Oh and i allmost forgot all the castles around here[3 within six miles of my house]I have sorted camping for GT4OC meets locally,and can promise you all a grand welcome in these hillsides ;) 2]The GT4OC'S Challenge Weekend...[i'm on the staff and know we could do with some bod's to enhance the whole "Toyota car weekend" thing]A day on the track then camp,the next day on the 1/4 mile strip 3]Next years LeMans [AWWWGGGGHHHH GO ON,GO ON,GO ON...........]
  7. If your going to JAE maybe you could push for someone to take up the challange I'll be at Rally Day,so i'm unable to back you up but if Darren[mad welshman] is about he'll help you ;) He came with me this year,and i think he's a LeMans convert......No i'm certain he is....
  8. Come on TOC...Wheres a events organiser when you need one???...Whoops i guess thay're all at JAE ;)
  9. My god £1,500 for your '4'...I'm weeping here She's far to nice for that sort of dosh...Someones got a lot of car there for NO MONEY...Shame there not fetching the kind of money thay should...You couldn't find a Scoobie for that,and thats just stupid considering what you get in a '4' ;)
  10. Now i know it seem's a long way off but if TOC want to get some bod's down there someone need's to take the inicative now... I'm fairlly certain i won't be able to make next years...But i'll hazard a guess that a few of you guy's have been toying with the idea for a while and if there are any number's interested then you'll stand more chance to get discounts on things[maybe] Go on lad's do it for the club
  11. I did Dover-Caliais in 04 and from the S/W it's a nightmare...4hrs to Dover,4+hrs from Calais down to LeMans..All told £250 in fuel If you live in the S/W do Poole St Malo..[it cost me and Bazz £120 each with Condor ferries and as Darren said it only takes 3hrs including a stop off at Gurnsey] The fuel cost is halved and at the end of the weekend i only clocked up 680ish miles And the fuel included playing with a GT40 on the way down..We averaged about 110/120mph all the way and at times was doing around 150mph ;) it's all good and i can't get my head around the fact that clubs like TOC and the GT4OC[both with large memberships]can't get a convoy up,and party like it's 1999 ***** the Renault Espace club made it there,so why not us????
  12. I'm up for that... Pick a date someone and let the debate begin..
  13. Pick a venue mate...Maybe Portmerrion???Very weird....I'll be there for sure...But your ear's won't pop,or you won't fall off the world if you came down here sometime
  14. Names i need more names haaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa :group-cuddles: The offer still stands for camping,but i'll need some idea of who's coming up Sat' night