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  1. I received the same email as well, and not sure if the solar charger can do proper charge or not, as I heard it may only do float charging.
  2. Hi Graeme, I agree with you, but when I brought my car to the Toyota dealer to test the battery, and asked the service adviser if I can use the jump start point in the fuse box to charge the battery, he said never use it for charging, I still don't understand why it could be risky, I thought basically it's same as the way the charger connects battery positive pole directly using the body chassis as an earth. the only difference i can think of is that the jump start is a very short time process, for charging the battery, you need to keep the charger connected for a quite long time.
  3. Hi Tony, I am quite confused regarding the jump start point for charging, I thought basically it's same as to connect the charger directly via positive pole and using body chassis as an earth, could you please kindly explain what kind of possible risk it could be?
  4. Using fuse box jump start point for battery charging is quite controversial, Toyota doesn't recommend it, but people do use it for charging without problem, don't know if there is any risk.
  5. I bought a CTEK 5.0 recently, and I connected the eyelet cable to battery positive pole permanently, the negative cable is connected to cargo hook bolt, and don't need to access the battery terminal every time. and if I want, as eyelet cable is quite small, the connector can be put outside the boot and keep the door locked.
  6. I was told by the Toyota Service Adviser if I wanted to replace the battery I had to pay £120 myself as my battery passed the test. For Corolla battery (45AH), £145 maybe is the right price, I guess.
  7. Hi Mooly, thank you very much for your advice. Since last Oct, my car has been parked on our drive most of time and the battery completely died last month. I only use the car in the weekend for local shopping at the moment, so I do need a charger to to keep the battery in a good state of charge as the toyota service adviser suggested. when I got time, I will do the testing charge as you suggested above.
  8. Hi Mooly, my voltage readings were very much close the numbers on the table. Regarding the higher voltage in AGM mode, yesterday I noticed the charger started from step 3 with increasing in voltage from 12.5ish and quickly reached to about 15v and stay at the voltage until the end of step 4. so i was quite worrying about this higher charging voltage, is something wrong with the ctek charger? if the charger behaves like this, can i keep using the AGM mode? And it seems the higher voltage ~14v at step 7 float charging never drops to lower volts.
  9. Hi Graeme, Good points, I thought it's better to use a little bit higher voltage to get the AGM charged properly. when I saw the voltage was unexpected higher, I did worry about it. Do you know your voltage when your charge is in the step 7? mine is ~14v at the moment, which is 0.4v higher than the normal volt (13.6v), I hope it is ok if i leave it overnight at step 7.
  10. Hi Moolly, thanks, I learnt a lot about battery charge today! so I should never use the AGM mode if the temperature is too low? am I correct? I just checked the charger and it is in the step 7 float charging, the charge voltage 14.09v instead of 13.6v as shown on the ctek charging programme, if leave the charger at this kind of voltage overnight, is it ok?
  11. Hi Tony, thanks for your comments, I permanently connect the eyelet positive cable to the battery positive pole, and connect the negative cable to the one of the cargo hook bolts in the boot, the battery negative cable is not disconnected, is this connection safe for overnight charge? Followed the Toyota owner manual, I had an issue before with the alarm, which was activated when I disconnected the battery negative cable even the doors were unlocked with the remote control.
  12. Thanks Mooly for your explanation, which do make sense, I didn't realise the temperature affects the charge voltage so much! if the voltage is higher than 15v, is it ok for the AGM battery? I am now using the standard mode, as its charge voltage is quite close to the volts on the AGM mode at the moment, considering the temperature effect, should I switch to AGM mode for the AGM battery? I am worrying the higher voltage may damage the battery.
  13. As people recommended, I recently purchased a CTEK MXS 5.0 charger and tried to charge the AGM battery on my Auris Hybrid. on the car+AGM mode, the charging voltage at step 3 and step 4 was about 15.1v and was 14.06v at step 7, all of which were ~0.4v higher than the voltage as the manual specified (14.7v and 13.6v at step 4 and step 7, respectively). I tried standard battery mode as well, again the voltage was ~0.4v higher (2nd photo, at step 4). All of my readings were from Fluke multimeter, which I confirmed is very accurate, compared to the displayed battery voltage on the hidden servic
  14. I have an issue with the CTEK 5.0 purchased recently, and emailed to support@cteck.com twice for help, surprisingly it's not what CTEK promised to respond within 48 hours, I haven't received any response so far, I want to speak to CTEK support team, but can't find their contact number at all.
  15. Hi Roy, how long did it take for delivery for you? more than one week? David
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