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  1. Someone mentioned before, for Auris hybrid 2017-, there is no engine oil maintenance reset, I never had the "service light on" for my 2017 auris hybrid.
  2. Hi Dean, is your Toyota's Techstream diagnostic compatible with Windows 10? or it only works with windows 7?
  3. After service i was told to bring the car back to re test in a week with 500 miles driving, actually it took me a couple of month to have 500 miles during the lockdown, if your hybrid battery is charging, you will be fine after 500 miles. you said you changed a new battery, so it's quite possibly due to the battery disconnection caused the issue as i did.
  4. my car failed due to a fault code (possibly caused by 12 v battery disconnection), was re checked after 500 miles and then the test passed.
  5. when my car was approaching the end of 5 years manufacture warranty, I was thinking to carry on the service at the Toyota dealership to get the relax warranty, but completely changed my mind after I did the oil change myself on April. I can't believe it, when I opened the plastic cover under engine, immediately noticed the oil leaking around the sump plug and filter housing tabs were broken off. And I thought the torque for the oil filter is 25Nm, should be fairly easy to remove, but it's not, I had no chance to loose it and had to bring my car to a local garage for help!
  6. Followed your rules, it makes the reading simple and reliable👍 I I checked the oil in numerous times on warm or cold engine, of cause, the car was parked on a level surface (driveway), the engine oil was definitely overfilled, I don't know if the amount of overfilled oil would harm the engine or not. I recently changed the engine oil myself, and found the oil filter was over-tightened and the housing tabs were broken by the dealer tech and surprisingly the oil sump plug was under-tightened, caused slow oil leak! over the passed 4 years my car was serviced at the local dealer garage, I always thought the dealer would do the proper job for their customers!
  7. For those who is looking for car battery charger, the Lidl Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger is available now for £13.99, ebay price is ~£25-£30, everyone said it's a good battery charger, so it will be gone soon.
  8. the conditions of your RAV4 are quite similar to my 2017 Auris Hybrid, even though the mileage of my car is much lower than yours, and if you remove the wheels, you will see more rust behind, it's impossible to keep the car rust free if the car was parked outside and was driven in wet weather🙂
  9. I agree, no rust at all under the body, absolutely amazing👍! seems to me it's impossible, Mooly, can you tell us your secret?😄
  10. Toyota sat nav is just not good, couldn't see any improvement after each update at all, never use it now, Goole map or Waze is match better.
  11. Hi All, thank you very much, all of your comments and advice really helps me, although there were different opinions about the torque wrench for DIY service, I do appreciate all of the points you guys made to me👍
  12. Thanks Stephen, without a torque wrench, I always feel the bolt or nut is not tightened enough😜
  13. I contacted the Toyota dealership for the battery issue about a year ago, they said it was £125 including the labour, not sure if it's the original one or different one.
  14. Hi I am looking for torque wrench for general DIY car service (engine oil, filter change, wheels and brakes et al), currently I got a set of 1/2" drive sockets, but found the torque settings on most of the 1/2" wrench are 28Nm-210Nm, which may only be used for wheel locknuts. I found the Draper 78641 BTW 3/8" Square Drive Torque Wrench 20-110Nm just covers the torque range I want, unfortunately it's 3/8" drive, i don't know if it's ok to use it with a step-up adapter for my current 1/2" socket set, or it's better to get another set of 3/8" sockets? another question is, for my purpose, I will mostly use the torque settings very close to the max and min of this torque wrench, is it safe? as I worry the errors could be bigger, do I actually need 2 torque wrenches for my job? any comments or advice would be very appreciated.
  15. thanks Mike, that's main point.
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