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  1. Some Car hire companies provide a brief quick start guide for certain models, ive had them in a couple of hire cars from Eurocar
  2. Bigger wheels and fatter tyres look cool but often mean more noise and a bumpier ride. A couple of road tests I read before buying hinted at the 16" wheel cars riding nicer. Ive only got 1.8 but range is still a fair bit down on previous TD Astra which would easily do 600 to a tank ( and it was only 6 litres bigger). Summer is coming and MPG should improve, but It is looking as though pence per mile is gonna be up with the Toyota compared to the Astra. Add in twice as many services per year and unfortunately it is definately gonna be a dearer car to run, but for me I still prefer it, company a
  3. Yeah, bless em. Like anything Im sure some are better than others, but personally I wouldnt let them change a wiper blade, but then Ive had issues with supposed Main Dealer factory trained mechanics. Unfortunately the bar was set pretty high being brought up and taught by an ex RAF technician (Dad)
  4. Rare to see Halfords & Technician in same sentence
  5. Mines a bit hit and miss, gets some straight away others it struggles with. What confuses me is that a lot of incoming phone calls from friends appear as unknown with the phone number but there names are in my phone list, weird
  6. Same here but only 2 months ownership, Ive got long legs so seat is back a way, dunno if that makes a difference. All I can say is its no more difficult getting in or out as it was in my previous Astra or Avensis for that matter. Renault Scenic was very easy, but that was its only good point, worse car ive ever owned, and thats including an Allegro (All Agro)😂
  7. Youve never heard that phrase? Means technically very good I suppose, its a compliment mate, well done
  8. Because we use Arval Fuel cards everything gets logged and Ive just looked up all the fuel Ive bought for the car since new, allowing for whats now in the tank and potential mileage of that my overall mpg over 3450 miles is 57mpg which is actually better than i imagined, and this has been all in winter pretty much
  9. My pet hate response, along with, "We dont stock that, never been asked for it" 👿
  10. Yes, you are so right, Id forgotten about that
  11. Yeah, engine was identical really. Mine got seriously modded though, with Lotus rotoflex couplings for the driveshafts after I chanced upon a Davrian Big Valve cylinder head and twin webers to replace the Strombergs, oh and a lump of concrete under the bonnet so it could steer😀
  12. Worst Ive got average from a tankful from my TS so far has been 50, and that was after some fairly high speed prolonged motorway and having fun in sport mode. 54-56 is about average for me so far, and this is all worked out with actual fill ups versus miles. Computer I have to say seems fairly optimistic most of the time (5-8mpg out)
  13. Blimey, another thing we have in common. First car I bought was a 1973 Grasshopper Green Sunbeam Sport ( A flash Imp with twin carbs). Bought it for £80 in 1981 with a failed clutch, had engine out and clutch replaced following weekend, actually only needed a new Carbon Thrust Bearing (Remember those). I passed my bike test in 1977, but didnt do car test till 1981
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