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  1. Cant imagine many, if any, are gonna get their brand new car checked for this? Need a guinea pig
  2. Toyota list the overall car height as the same for all models, bar the Trek, which would suggest the clearance is same for all (Except Trek). Im guessing bigger wheels are offset by lower profile tyre, but it is a guess
  3. Dunno if its common, basically I didnt have handsfree, I could hear the person the other end but they couldnt hear me
  4. Good choice, I picked up a New Icon Tech 4 weeks ago, from memory it took about 3 weeks from being told it was built, to Dealer phoning me to arrange collection
  5. I was told by Dealer that the V5 is the only place you'll find it. Mine is on a Lease but I just contacted lease co and they sent me copy of V5
  6. Yep, my previous car was a Black Astra, bonnet was the worst and like above although I liked the look of the Corolla in Black decided to go with the Grey this time, even in the filthy weather we've had of late the Grey seems to still look good
  7. Company supplied lease car mate, i dont spend anything
  8. Cant remember the last time I had an exhaust replaced, might have been my Dads old Volvo 245 that I inherited when he departed back in the 90's, back floor fell out too in the end☹️
  9. Im doing nearly 500 miles per week at present, probably gonna jump to 700 in a few weeks as I start a new post over in Wiltshire, but if all goes well may move nearer next year and then it could drop significantly
  10. Havent noticed any from mine as yet apart from when it first starts?
  11. Yeah, to be fair, Toyota recommend putting the headlights on for 20 seconds before taking a reading to remove the "Surface Charge" which i never did.
  12. Is this more of a 2.0 litre feature? Just been out in my 1.8 and for a laugh put it in Sport and floored it, didnt see anything coming out the back?
  13. So, there is something going on that doesnt quite seem right to me. Ive been monitoring my 12v battery voltage every few days and mostly its shown around 12.5v. After going on a 30 odd mile trip yesterday I parked up and put the MM on the battery and got the highest reading Ive got to date, see below: This was at 11:00am yesterday morning. Didnt use the car again until early this morning and before starting put the MM on again and got what you see below: So, in 20 hrs its dropped nearly .5v. That does point to a fairly significant parasitic drain somewhere IMHO. B
  14. What is a Corolla SE ? Is it a Hybrid with the start button? Not a model we get over here so clarification needed.
  15. I think even the 1.8 batterys under the bonnet are now AGM
  16. Dunno then mate, dodgy USB stick? Its a right old faff anyway, takes well over an hour to install so hope your on a longish drive. Some have done a map update over the air so to speak with a phone tethered, takes a lot less time though not sure why, maybe over air doesnt update all countries? Just thought, when i did mine it did seem as though it wasnt doing anything for quite a while before I saw "Validating Update files"
  17. From memory the 4 .iso files need to be in the root of the USB stick, i.e not inside a folder
  18. Even though Ive not had any issues I still find it a bit odd that my new Corolla 12V battery still only shows 12.5v after using the car every day for the last 4 weeks, most days minimum 100 miles. My tiny (In comparison) 16Ah motorcycle battery is still showing 12.9v having sat for a week outside and has never been on any form of battery charger in 2 years??
  19. Car servicing is pretty cheap these days I reckon, well it is compared to Motor Cycle servicing anyway
  20. Yippee, all fixed now. Apparently the factory had to get involved and send the Dealer a new software update with specific instructions on how to load, sorry they woulndt share what update etc
  21. So, my new TS has gone back to Garage to try and sort the MM issue, garage wants to keep car for 2 -3 days. Interestingly I was supplied another TS as a hire car, but its a basic Icon with different gauges and its done 27,000 miles, but that seems a good thing as if the readout is to be belived its far more frugal than mine: This was after 50 miles, mainly motorway cruising 65-70 most of the way:
  22. Yep, funnily enough now UFO is mentioned thats the sound I hear with windows down
  23. Ive had problems like all the above in the past. Always been fixed by clearing all bluetooth settings in phone and car then rebooting phone before starting pairing process from scratch. I also disable wire-less while doing this and make sure Im in a quiet area (Without any other potential bluetooth devices around)
  24. Mine makes a weird noise in EV, and its louder reversing. Difficult to describe, almost like a ringing? Dont think its loud enough though, scared the bejesus out of a woman the other day in a parking lot who hadnt heard me creeping along behind her.
  25. Yeah, I miss Android Auto, for certain security issues my Company has blocked android auto on our company Galaxy's which is a bummer
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