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  1. i found a double dong in the tool compartment in my carina funny though i bought the car off an indian <_<
  2. if the lay out has not changed then it is located in the drivers foot well next to the accelrator pedell there you will find the fuse board and relays.
  3. try a simple retune often works wonders crypton tune is best
  4. stefan1

    Carina Ii

    if it wont run below 4k as you say then you have a bloked idel jet the easy way to sort it it to remove the air filter then remove the mixture screw(which is set behind the carb) and get an air compressor and gun and shoot it through with compressed air that will clear it then replace the screw to about halfway leaving the filter off start the car allow it to warm up then turn in the screw untill it begins to run rough then turn it out to smothe it out then rev it a few times and when your happy that its all running smoothe replace the air filter and your done. and the pat your self on the back youve just sorted your car as i had the same problem on my car which is the same as yours.same model and year
  5. if a car runs rich you will get a bit of black smoke or soot more to the point. if its a blue white smoke then yes it could be valves or cylinders as it would indicate oil burning but if you get a white steam like smoke thats condensation in the exaust . so if you dont know the answer say noting as we are trying to save each other money not waste it.
  6. black smoke is not a problem as all that it means is that your car is running a bit rich at start up which is common for diesels. if it bothers you that much get it retuned and put in a new air filter.
  7. no probs mate but if you gearbox is anything like mine in my carina 11. its gonna cost you big time.
  8. i had te same problem with my carina 11. first check all the hoses in the engine bay ie servo hose, vacum hoses and such like as ofthen a little split can throw the whole game if all is ok remove the air filter box so you have access to the throttle body thats the big alloy box that sits behinde the engine if injection the get some good ozone busting carb cleaner and spray it all around in side try and get as deep as poss but dont break anything or lose anything in there. once all clean reasemble and then check the state of the dizzy cap and rotor arm if fitted and replace if you have to. second check the alternator by puting a multimeter across the battery with the car running it should read 14.5v - 15.0v but no less than 14.0v if it reads less than 14.0v then the alternator is suspect and should be replaced but if your getting the full charge and all is fine then the car should be running fine. if not then i would seek profesinal help. but if it solves it you have done it for less than a fiver. if not then the problem is deeper and only a pro can help. oh and one more thing toyoyta's are expensive to maintain if they go too wrong. so if you are a skint commuter buy a ford. as they are cheaper to run.
  9. get an R.A.C. or A.A. inspection as these car can give grief if ill maintained. as the carina 11 i have got is my first and i dare say it will be the last. dont get me wrong i do like toyota just not this one. but surfice to say get it checked propa.
  10. sound like you have a cdi problem. as the cdi is split in to four parts to fire all cylinders and yet are linked to each other the problem lies in the distributor it self there is no real way of testing it as most garages wont have the equipment my advice is goto a breakers yard that deal with jap cars and buy a new one off a car that has done less miles than your own and swap it over that should solve the problem.
  11. belt tension should be 1.5kilo on the ecentric cam adjuster you can make the adjuster by using a lenth of flat steel bar about 200mm with two spigots on the end to fit the adjuster cam and hang the weight of that. thus pulling the cam to the right tension. hope this helps but the tension weight is just a guide so ask a toyota garage for the exact weight.
  12. stanley knife glue no wonder your selling your car give ya fifty quid for it.
  13. as the man said dont waste your money better still dont touch the engine go for things like alloys, ice, neons, you know that sort of thing even get a universal DTM back box but thats your limit but when your old enough get your self a carina 11 they are **** powerful i got the 1.6 16v twin cam and i spank boy racers all over the place.
  14. right lets settel the myth the 4af is indeed a 1.6 and the 7af is a 1.8 the e how ever just stands for euro but the 7af and the 4af are entierly different as i have a carin11 with 4af not e and it is totaly different yes i know my car is older to that of the e version but the difrence is that one has a direct drive to the cam and the other dont and the 4af is a dohc and the 7af is not. but some parts are common like ingnition cap and rotor even the dizzy it self but surfice to say they are not the same.
  15. have you tried your distributor cap and rotor arm if fitted as they have a tendency to turn to ***** or if you have a distribtorless system have it cheked but how ever if it is injection try disconnecting the battery and then reconnect it as that will reset the ecu one of these options will solve the problem
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