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  1. Or an application with remote reading of the car battery voltage. Such as the Pandora protection I use. It obtains data directly from CANBUS.
  2. testing the same measurement system Based on this test, I decided to buy https://youtu.be/FeN8ULJnIas I have the same values for the CTEK charger before charging 12.1V - 12.3V charging time up to 100% 4-5 hours I left the last charging "float mode" longer - 30 hours pandora showed a stable voltage of 13.9 V (at an outdoor temperature of 10 ° C) I have already inserted the conversion table here The 12V car battery has been in much better condition since then I recommend not turning off CTEK after reaching 100% it is better to leave it in "floating mode" for a while.
  3. May 14, 2022 car open at 09:05 - 12.5V the ride starts at 09:15 total drive 200 km = more than 4 hours drive (2 hours there, 2 hours back, the rest of the parking time) when driving on the road, the battery charged 12.9V about 99% of the time return at 18:20, car closed at 18:45 measured - 12.5V -------------------------------------------------- May 15, 2022 car open at 05:30 - 12.3V = 60% battery capacity this day without driving - solar panel connection -------------------------------------------------- - result: after more than 4 hours of driving without lights a day, the battery is charged so that the next morning it has a capacity of 60% =============================== May 16 car open at 06:20 - 12.6V disconnecting the solar panel drive 60 minutes in the morning with lights - when driving 14.4V evening return 45 minutes with lights - when driving 14.2V return 21:00, car closed at 21:20 measured 12.7V -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- May 17, 2022 car open at 05:45 - 12.5V = 90% of battery capacity -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- result: after 1 hour and 45 minutes of driving with lights per day, the battery is charged so that the next morning it has a capacity of 90% =================================== paradox: 20W solar panel charges the car battery from 60% to 90% in 1 day, driving without lights charges the car battery from 90% to 60% in 1 day
  4. Yesterday I drove 2x 100 km during the day without lights = over 4 hours 99% of the time ! the tester through the cigarette lighter showed 13 V the pandora system displayed 12.8V average is 12.9V in 4 hours of driving if I turn on the lights while driving - just turn on the parking light - the system will start showing 14.4V "I'm sure smart charging is the problem " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "The car has a very small Lithium HV battery, the 12v battery is about equivalent in size." are you sure ? don't you mean dimensions? even the dimensions of the HV battery is larger according to the videos on youtube Battery pack voltage 177.6 V Number of Li-ion battery cells in the pack 48 Li-ion battery cell voltage 3.7 V - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "As logically, it would make sense to avoid charging a 12V battery when the HV battery is not charging." Not true. The 12V car battery is charged in "READY MODE" even if the HV battery is not charged. THAT'S WHY Toyota recommends 1 hour a week in "READY" mode when the car is parked. When driving downhill, the HV battery was also recharged and tester through the cigarette lighter showed 13 V.
  5. Socket With Voltmeter Scale Display : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003628389527.html driving during the day does not charge the battery, it only maintains it kill who invented "smart charging" while driving every day I measured the following data: The big problem is that 12.7V-13V is not a floating voltage It would be enough to increase the float voltage to 13.5V-14V and the car battery would last much longer EU regulation on reducing CO2 = smart charging = faster death of car batteries perhaps only in my case are these values bad It will be nice if someone adds measured values - for comparison
  6. I also recommend I use a similar voltmeter it is not possible to know the voltage value when starting the hybrid - it is very fast but it can be found out via "ACCESSORIES" and "IGNITION ON" I bought a battery tester to find out the starting voltage It is also possible to test the connected car battery in the car
  7. - if smart charging in the yaris charges the car battery only 12.8 V for 80% of the ride + consumption of parasitic current, this way the car battery can never be recharged to 100% - the car battery voltage is also affected by the outside temperature
  8. Today I made another measurement: The car did not drive for 2 days, battery test before today's ride: before pressing the POWER switch - 12.1V "ACCESSORIES" - 11.8V “IGNITION ON” - 11.6V 90 minutes in the morning without lights: 10 minutes of 14.4V charging 80 minutes charging 12.8V evening drive 50 minutes with lights: 50 minutes of 14.4V charging Another solution is to drive only with the lights on : -DD
  9. Pandora alarm automatic engine start according to battery voltage to be charged Too bad the Toyota Yaris 2020 doesn't work 😞
  10. The lithium battery capacity is independent of the discharge rate.
  11. problem solving ? lithium batteries would fit in size https://www.mightymaxbattery.com/shop/lifepo4/ml35-12li-12v-35ah-deep-cycle-lithium-battery/ https://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/products/12-volt-lithium-batteries/chargex-12v-35ah-lithium-battery.php https://www.sears.com/mighty-max-battery-ml35-12li101-mighty-max-12v/p-A065207506
  12. today driven 50 km - about 60 minutes 20 minutes 14.4V 40 minutes 13V day ride without lights smart recharging + high parasitic consumption DCM will soon kill 12V 35Ah car battery KIA technicians recommend 100% recharging of car batteries with an external charger for hybrids twice a month
  13. I use a controller from the solar panel manufacturer https://youtu.be/MHR3z1NZp2U
  14. For Valet Parking, it would be advisable to order a roof modification from Toyota 😄
  15. I recommend tilting the solar collector will work better my collector is located about 1 cm below the windshield - 20w with smart microprocessor control - LED indication of battery status - pulse output current 3-5A - maximum panel output current 1.67A - charging from 1V - less than 0.5 mA when monitored No risk of overcharging Spark suppression I have no problem recharging the battery from 12.3 to 12.6 per day in the sun during charging I checked the voltage - maximum 13.7V The sun shines on the my car for a total of 6 hours at this time of year Less charging occurs even if the sun is not shining directly on the panel If I calculate correctly it is about 30% or 10.5A / day vid-20220416-130912-trim_bpyyAa8V.mp4
  16. https://odysee.com/ekologie_v_praxi-(1):1
  17. When you connect it, please let us know what voltage this 4.8W panel gives. thanks I assume that the actual supplied current will be 120-160 mA
  18. I have a Pandora Smart Pro V3 and I am satisfied https://youtu.be/f2pNVM_npMI https://www.pandoracaralarms.co.uk/smart-pro-v3-car-alarm
  19. Yes, but nothing happens when you charge the AGM battery with a lower voltage 14,4V. Or not ? The ECU will send a maximum of 14.3 V to your car battery while driving - it will never send 14.7 V Then there is only a difference in how long I will charge the car battery in "NORMAL" mode 14,4V and in "AGM" mode 14,7V. ====================================================== Today I tested the voltage meter in the cigarette lighter socket again and I was shocked. Driving about 60 minutes 14.0V - 14.1V and the last 20 minutes voltage 12.7V. More frequent driving in EV mode? Favorable altitude profile of the route? Outside temperature ? Lights off due to the sun? Or all together? I don't know what caused the ECU to start charging car battery "smartly", but I have to correct my previous comment. It is possible to measure the voltage at which the Yaris hybrid 2020 car battery is charged via the cigarette lighter socket.
  20. I have a "ctek time to go" charger with AGM mode. The only difference between charging in NORMAL and AGM modes was that AGM charged the car battery 30 minutes faster.
  21. or swipe the screen forth and back 5 times https://youtu.be/MjvYVUanTa0
  22. only the hidden service menu will provide information about the car battery voltage
  23. I was already on Monday and the radar is OK
  24. The solution is more, for example, I have now found: https://youtu.be/wjF_O38MS5w https://www.walmart.com/ip/ANCEL-BM300-Car-Battery-Tester-12V-Bluetooth-Car-Battery-Analyzer-for-Android-IOS-Electric-Circuit-Electrical-System-Scanner/280387530
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