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  1. Leather car seats examined by dealer. They are really not bothered. With lockdown and not prepared to allow me to compare the seating with other cars on forecourt. Am considering going to upholsterer as the pain is now continual after a long run and I put it down to the lack of adequate padding beneath the leather. the idea that because this is the sports version and therefore only suitable for short journeys would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.
  2. Yes. The dealers responded to my e-mail ( they had not responded to a phone call - surprise surprise) Car booked in to check the seat upholstery this week. From what has been said on this forum I suspect I will be told the seats are meant for TSS "sport" design and not for distance.
  3. Is there a radar camera warning in the Corolla Exel 2020 and if so how to turn it on? There was one with the Auris.
  4. Thanks to all who relied and, yes, dealers contacted in writing but had no response. The ridge, Catlover, is on the left of th3 seat and runs front to back. this is not the comfort expected from the top of a range Corolla. Whilst I like the “not fit for purpose” suggestion it begs the question what specifically should be the standard. You have now confirmed my suspicions that the upholstery is not upto standard beneath the leather and will make a formal complaint.
  5. Have new 2021 Exel and my wife and I find both front leather seats are very hard with little packing beneath and a "ridge" as if there is a bar under them. At first we thought this would go away through use but now believe the upholstery is not right. Anyone have the same problem and if so how was it resolved?
  6. New Excel TSS delivered and drives beautifully . However whereas the multi media display lists all my phone contact after Bluetooth connection, the remote voice operation says my contact list is empty and invites manual dialling! Have deleted and reinstated the phone 5 times and still the voice activation does not recognise the contact list up on the display Any assistance appreciated.
  7. Driving towards the sun causes reflection off the non Matt dashboard onto the windscreen. Anyone have a solution to prevent that?
  8. Just about to get delivery of my Excel. One niggle that the Dealer was not sure about - Is there a visible speed limit shown on the multimedia navigation screen or does one have to rely on the speed sign indicator between the speedo and rev counter? The dealer thinks the only way to get that speed limit indicator ( like on the Auris) is to plug in apple play or another smartphone app.
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