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  1. you are all missing the point, firstly read the letters first you will understand its not a covid problem its a poor battery design, there is loads of people on here talking about battery charges on a new car just because they left it for two days do me a favor, i have been driving 40 years i have owned a landcruiser and 2 hilux's and loads of other models, i have a citroen berlingo van 10 years old, i put a new battery in it 3 years ago and i can leave it outside in all weathers for a month while i went away, and guess what it started, oh and by the way my friend is a toyota tech and he is a
  2. hi graeme does this charger you mention have to be plugged in to a standard wall socket, or is it like portable....mick.
  3. Question, Why should people buy a 20k+ vehicle in 2019-21 and have to worry about whether your latest pride and joy will start after being left for a few days in cold weather, Frostyballs link to toyota uk regarding "what to do in current lockdown conditions" i spent 30 minutes reading all 240+ toyota owners with hybrid problems with flat auxiliary batteries... ie 12v, i suggest anyone interested in this subject to have a look you will be astounded, These are letters to toyota uk and the answers back from toyota uk. ps these posts go back to a year before COVID.
  4. Excel spec mate, a few people have a few things to say over the sports seats, don't get me wrong when you're in them they seem dead comfy, i have been used to big cars and vans that have a lot of wriggle room, but i still want one tho😀
  5. but the sport seats were a bit awkward to get in and out, and i am only 5ft 10, i banged my head the first time i jumped in, on the top of the door opening, god knows how a really big guy would cope.
  6. i test drove a 2.0 version in the silver colour, before xmas,but the fuel light come on after 5 mins so i took it back, i now know that you have at least 30 mile of fuel left before it conks out, i wanted another drive but the 3rd lockdown happened so i have to wait, the little drive i remember it was really smooth and quite.
  7. hi stuart how long did you drive the car, and did you go on the motorway.
  8. tony have a look at a youtube channel called "the car care nut" he is a master toyota technician from the states, he explains all that stuff in a very simplified way, he has loads of cracken vids.
  9. 1.8 oh ok roy,toyota should be changing that under warranty, !Removed! hell a 12v new car battery should last longer than yours, in hindsight what you know now about hybrids are you not sorry you bought a non hybrid that can be left for weeks and still start up.
  10. roy is the CTEC charger compatible with agm batteries? normal chargers can damage those type of batteries, you might have damaged it at the beginning when you were trying to charge it with your old charger.
  11. thats good that you have had your jab roy, i am 59 i will be lucky if i get one by june mate, this is what i would do with the battery situation 2 days a week put the car in ready mode for an hour or so that will charge your auxiliary battery so when you come to drive somewhere you shouldn't have a problem.
  12. thanks for the info mooly and joe, sorry i never explained myself properly i was just reading a few posts on the auxiliary battery in the corolla and other hybrid cars sometimes going flat, but since i wrote the question about agm vs standard lead acid type battery, i have been reading up on the hybrid system in the corolla touring sport and i educated myself a bit, on another note joe i am still on the hunt for my sport touring i had a short test drive in december just before the latest lockdown, but i found out it was a bit to much, my max is 22k and i have seen a few i want in that price ra
  13. isnt it funny how dealers the world over go suddenly deaf once you have paid for the car, and drive away you are left to struggle to find the help you need ,so much fore 5 years and 100000 mile warranty, have you been driving it every day since it went flat on you.
  14. hi roy did you get to the bottom of your battery problem, and what type of battery in your corolla?
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