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  1. Hi, I have a pair of unused new Corolla aluminium front sill plates for sale complete with instruction cost £70. Someone make me a resonable offer plus postatge and there yours.
  2. Well new short engine is being fitted this week. Lets hope this lasts longer than 8000 miles, and that they have put everythhing back together OK.
  3. Toyota Customer relations have said they will only modify Tsports as the problem is not so severe on other models.
  4. Sorry the web address http://www.corolland.com/repairs.html It reads:- Rene wrote: "Believe it or not, there is rumoured to be a problem with the new Corolla engines. They are noisy, and there seems to be a problem with the timing belt tensioners. The vibration problem will go away, but it would appear that you will need to replace an engine mount (not enough damping) or wait for the engine mount to loosen with time, thus providing more damping and hence less vibration intrusion into the gauge pod. Only time will tell what is your next course of action. I would wait for the face lift, they might get it right by then!
  5. Those of you who have red my previous posts in the past will know the problems I have had with my now 14 month old corolla 1.6 Tspirit. Well last weekend after taking the vehicles to only 5000 RPM for the first time, a knocking sound started to developed from 2000 to 3000 RPM from cold, remaining for several miles until the engine was hot. The fault has been identified as piston slap or worn small ends. The car has only covered 8000 miles and now requires a new engine. You can imagine how I feel. A new engine has been ordered. Just hope this is better than the last one. I spent 12 months trying to convince Toyota dealers that the engine didn't sound right and this incident now proves it. The web site corollaand.com mentions the possibility of unreliable corolla engines on the latest model.
  6. Hi ganyb, Excuse my french but no the !Removed! dealer didn't fit the engine mount and he didn't do anything except fit another inlet manifold it should not have had (yet another Inchcape dealer not delivering as promised). The latest dealer I have visited punched my VIN into the Toyota computer and guess what it should have had a modified one fitted. He has ordered one along with other parts which are taking up to 6 weeks to arrive from Wales to England how stupid is that? I will let you know when I have the mods in place probably around the 10 September, this will be 9 months after I bought the car. Well until I get these parts fiited I don't have much to say, but I am still reading all the posts. Hope you are keeping well, keep in touch my friend. Regards GAZ
  7. Hi, Fact is I agree with you, I own a 1.6 Tspirit Corolla and the engine/gearbox is noisy, the radio facia rattles and has dropped and many more annoying issues. I believe there is a known issue with the engine mounts on all 02 models, there is also a question mark over the auxiliary drive belt tensioner (keeps the belt tight around the alternator etc.)which can vibrate and rattle. I have been very persistent at trying to get a dealer to agree with me on these problems and to sort them out, now I hope I have found one after three failed attempts some 6 months on. This dealer has ordered a few new parts which I hope to get fitted in September some are listed on the Toyota Technical service bulletins that the dealer has access to. If your can't get any joy from your current dealer, change to a different one if this is an option. Also contact your Toyota customer services department and complain. I believe Toyota Europe may cover your region. I have posted many complaints about the Corolla on this web site including the Auto Express post, have a look at these previous posts it may help you to generate your own approach at getting your problems resolved. I don't think that these mods will solve all the noise issues but they should help. Guess we will have to buy a face lift version perhaps late into 2004 to get a sound vehicle. Good luck. Gaz.
  8. Well just to give you an update, I have taken the car to a different dealer and they have now identified issues with the vehicle. Parts are now on order. One part is the idle tensioner for the auxiliary drive belt. Auto Express were emailed by Toyota Technical and were told to inform all their readers with Toyota Corolla 1.6 VVT i engines to have this idler checked. Well I told the previous dealer but he just said this was an Avensis problem, apparently not! The dealer has also ordered the parts to resolve the radio facia dropping problem. A new engine mount which was identified as a problem when he entered my vehicles VIN into the system. well this dealer seems more competent than any of the previous three dealers I have visited. They will fit the parts, test the car and take it from there. If they can't resolve the issues they will call the Toyota engineer in to investigate, although Toyota Customer services have now offered me this option as a result of Auto Express intervention. Unfortunately they won't give me my money back. Another problem though, the idler is on back order 5 September, this means I will have waited 6 weeks for one part, a British part, apparently there is a few on order and the numbers are rising. Why should we have to wait so long for a fix?
  9. Well I have been contacted today by a company based in Switzerland working on behalf of Toyota asking questions relating to customer feedback about my dealings with Toyota GB and Toyota Europe. Well they wanted to know how may case had been handled and my views on how I was dealt with as a customer. They also asked me for any advice I may have on what improvements I would like to see. I won't tell you what my answers were, but I bet you can gue
  10. rhaines I like your suggestion about TGB answering our complaints on the forum but bare in mind at the end of the day they are in the position of making money like any other capitalist company and their response will be calculated. The dealers will also be doing the same. lets not lose site about what this thread was about, using the media to launch the attack, they have more resources and money to invest on gaining a result but don't forget they also gain something that they need to survive a story. Write to Auto Express, What car or Watch dog, the more the merrier. By the way BBC Topgear WWW.TOPGEAR.COM have a good section on their MY TOP GEAR SECTION, DUFFERS which allows you to post problems with vehicles. Why not add your compalints to the this?
  11. Thanks for the encouragement. As you know having had a few new Corolla's since April 2002 I have tried very hard to stick with it. I explained to TGB today that I rejected the first couple of cars for cosmetic issues, sunroof leaks and stalling faults. Once TGB had explained that these had been addressed on the line, my confidence in the Corolla was lifted enough to have another go. I was fairly happy with my purchase until after about 1200 miles when the inlet manifold failed. Since then the engine has got noisier and 3 inlet manifolds and one set of gear change cables later still no cure, ironically the cabin seems quieter.. I must say I have had a few sleepless nights and a lot of trips to different garages trying to see what I could purchase in stead. I don't really want to throw in the towel (although TGB might wish I would) I like the size and feel of the car and so does my wife. I would like to say that one guy at TGB customer services has tried hard to turn things around within his restraints, I feel slightly guilty that he is always the one left to deal with me, I do think that some people above him should come out of hiding a sound their voices. I would only say TGB could do with a few more people like him. As for all you people on the forum take this opportunity to be heard. Your posts are being read. Thanks a lot for this web site and to all the people who contribute to it, we can and do make a difference. Keep up the good work. GAZ
  12. My car a Tspirit has the same smell when you turn the A/C off the air smells for a while. I too have noticed the cold air warms up after a period of use. I don't think i could add any more problems to an already growing list!
  13. Well I have been contacted by Toyota GB. They have heard from Auto Express and want to have their engineer look at my car. Problem is not until late August. I wonder if this has anything to do with delaying the outcome to prevent publication before the new September REG? I don't think they want people to cancel their Corolla orders based on the outcome of my cars faults. If they can cure my vehicles problems I would be more than willing to give the whole TGB operation some praise on this web site. Fact is though I have been considering selling the vehicle because I have just about ran out of steam. I have only been offered £10000 trade, Toyota will not under right my losses and the price is only fixed until 31 August. what should I do?
  14. A story is to be published soon. No date just yet as they are giving Toyota time to respond. I have since heard that the Auto Express test car had the same fault as my vehicle concerning the loud buzzing/growl sound (see long term test), the two vehicles built some 6 months apart. There wasn't a fix then and there isn't one now. What do Toyota Technical do all day? So come on send your emails in if you have an oustanding issue with your Corolla that the dealer carn't or won't sort out.
  15. The aim of the exercise is to get Toyota GB to own up to their current manufacturing and design problems on the new Corolla (which has now been out for at least 18 months). They should be prepared to rectify these problems for the people who put their faith into this brand and product and who gave them exceptional sales figures last year. I have no doubt that this product will get better over time, once they have analysed all the feedback from the complaints that customers have lodged with their dealers, who tell their customers "we don't have a fix" or "this is how they are". Does that mean that existing people with faults should be left by the wayside or to go cap in hand to the dealer for help only to be refused? No I think not and that is why we need to do something about it! If management at Toyota GB will not listen and offer to rectify these vehicles which is the least they should do, then consumer power will need to take hold and the press can be the best method of expressing this. Sorry but needed to get that off my chest. Anyone like to buy a 7 months old Corolla Tspirit with 4000 miles on the clock to include a noisy engine and plenty of vibrations and rattles. No I thought not, even my supplying dealer won’t buy it back, he doesn’t want to purchase faulty stock, well what did he sell me!
  16. Auto Express would like to here from all UK owners of the new Toyota Corolla who have outstanding faults on their vehicles. They will in turn pass these details on to Toyota GB in the hope that they will rectify these faulty vehicles. The email address is:- james_baggott@dennis.co.uk James Baggott Consumer reporter Auto Express Magazine Don't forget to send via email your vehicles registration and your name giving a brief outline of your problems and the dealer concerned. I have been told that a story is most likely to be published about this issue. If you have outstanding issues with your Corolla now is the time to speak up or forever hold your peace.
  17. Hi ganyb, Well I have had a word with the dealer & they are willing to have another look, trouble is it is a 64 mile round trip. They will look then order new parts, then I will have to return leave the car, then pick the car up a few days later. I am beginning to think there won't be a cure until the face lift model. How is your car now?
  18. Apparently there are all sorts of TSB's relating to rattles behind the dash many are radio related. I spoke to my dealer about mine but on this occasion he has just re-packed it. It still rattles! I got this info from the corollaland web site. Parts used were listed as: 55406-02080-B0 Panel, Sub-Assy, Inst 08231-00801 Noise Kit Job title was BD3005 PERFORM RADIO BEZEL TSB 342 W93 As you may know, Toyota has issued a TSB for those of us who have a gap between the top of the panel surrounding the radio and the bottom of the dash cover. Just wanted to let everyone know that the fix done two weeks ago at my dealer has worked, and the gap has not reopened. If you have the problem and it's annoying, you may want to have your dealer order the kit from Toyota and fix the gap on warranty. My service order said "Radio Gap TSB" - no number - but your dealer should be able to look it up. END I think you need to plague your dealer to do something. I will.
  19. Hi, Well I got the car back from the dealer. They changed the inlet manifold again (now changed three times by different dealers as logged on the vehicles repair history), and changed the gear select cables. The growl still persists. The workshop controller test drove the car originally with me and witnessed first hand the noise. Now they have changed so many parts I think they will just say everything is normal if I go back. This seems to be the case with every dealer I use. They have had a go at the radio facia and just realigned it re-packing the rubber strips under the facia to hold it and the radio up. This is funny as I know there are several TSB's for this which includes fitting a mod kit. Well I guess they thought they have already spent enough money. I doubt if they have cured the other rattles as I can find no evidence of panel removal even though they claim to have felt lined the hatch door panel. They have increased the damage on the plastic engine cover around those plastic lugs, they seem to twist them out instead of pulling up! I will say one thing though, the car does seem a little smoother for having the new manifold and gear cables (less vibration) but I hope that I don't have to have a new manifold every 3 months! By the way someone I know who works at Toyota has a lease Tspirit, looks like he is having a few problems, his radio facia has come right away from the dash car is only one month old. I will give the dealer another try (fairly friendly) failing this I will get rid in December I am now getting bored with it.
  20. Runboy plus any other member having problems with their new Corolla, you can all phone Toyota Customer services (the number is in your vehicle hand book). Ask for a full refund if you feel you have endured enough, if you want to go around the loop again ask for a new corolla. They make a big thing of quality etc. (a car to be proud of). Tell them how it really is.
  21. Thanks for the info. I am picking the car up on saturday. Dealer said they have fixed radio . They say growl/rattle coming from gear change cables and have spoke to factory and ordered new modified type. Rattle/knock from B pillar from seat belt reel anchor point, new torque settings and mod kit applied. Will see for myself how much is fixed.
  22. Ring Toyota Customer Services UK and complain. Insist on a new replacement car or a Buy back but watch they don't deduct too much money! You don't have to put up with this. Write to Watchdog, Autoexpress or What Car with your story I am sure you will not be alone. Gaz.
  23. Well 3 days have gone by and still no word from the garage on the repairs. Lets hope they have ordered lots of parts and are waiting to fit them..Heres to a better Corolla...
  24. Wouldn't bother with the new Avensis yet mate. Spoke to my dealer today it is the single most returned car at the moment for faults. check out www.autoexpress.co.uk they have done a long term test, their results are like the problems we are having still with the new corolla. There are also gear box issues with this car, read my current post corolla gearbox issues, a chap has written he has a mate at Burnaston who says the car is having problems with quality. Take my advice I have had 4 new corolla's give it a miss for 18 months to let problems raise to the surface, this is how long it has been going on with the New Corolla. Buy the IS.
  25. ganyb, I will see what I can do, there should be a part number on them as well. They might be different to yours, as mine is a manual 1.6 engine. Anyway left the car with them today, hope they don't dent it! They have given me a 5 door Yaris to drive and the road tax has expired! I hope they fix the car. I had a look at a new Corolla in the show room at T3 and the radio facia was coming away from the dash, it had also dropped. This fault is now a 1.5 years old and still it exists on a 03 model. What hope do we have? Anyway if they don't fix it I will sell it in December when it is 1 year old. I have already lost £2600 on the car so another £500 won't make much difference..
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