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  1. Almost the same here as well, don't know what else to do might try having an expert do a injector test on all 4 engine injector too see if they are the problem
  2. mine does this as well it mostly smokes in the city
  3. My mechanic took it on the highway yesterday and did a force regeneration. Haven't had much time to test it out but i thinks still smokes but a lot better. Will give it a try on monday when i don't have work and see what happens .
  4. Yes, the car feels much better and pulls harder but when it starts to smoke its like I'm loosing power.
  5. What about you guys mpg did it change after the new one? mine didn't change at all
  6. thanks, will try that and let you know.
  7. does the radio require some kind of code or not when resetting
  8. I might try that today and see what happens, is there anything i should know after connecting the battery back? thanks,
  9. Right now, he thinks that maybe the ecu is stuck on regenerating and we might reset the ecu or try force regeneration while on highway. Did you reset the ecu when you changed the injector?
  10. Really happy to hear that you got it sorted out.
  11. So far my car feels a lot more powerful after the new injector but it still smokes but better than before. Now we are thinking that it might be the injectors or another thing that its the next thing we will try is that maybe the ecu is stuck on regenerating or something and we gonna try force regenerating while on highway and hopefully reset some values. I hope everything goes well for you and not have to deal with it anymore .
  12. So, if I read that correctly it is not something important right?
  13. Do you have a link or something because I don't know how to find a good one while reasonably cheap
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