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  1. Hello, exact issues here but with the auris. i have wasted over 2000 euros in trying to fix it which at the end i payed a shop to open the dpf en empty it about 200euros and another shop to reprogram the dpf out of the system another 350. during the time that we were trying to find solutions a year had passed and because the car was constantly regenerating it damaged 2 injectors. I suggest getting a 5th injector which i bought last year for only about 60 euros on ebay original denso and check if that solves it as its cheap and easy to replace. If it doesnt stop do a dpf delete and everything will stop and plus you will get better mpg and a bit less turbo lag
  2. An actual 100% working solution is having the dpf deleted through the ecu and also having someone open the dpf break everything out and then close it up. Also it should pass MOT as the dpf box is there . p.s. Ive had the same problems and thats how i ended up fixing it after having the dpf cleaned multiple times and 5th injector replaced with no results just money down the drain.
  3. Egr is clean and i also have a DPF delete.
  4. I noticed that my gas pedal has something like a deadspot or unresponsiveness for the first inch or so I don't know if it was like that from the beginning or if it developed over time. Note that when you pass that inch it doesn't like jump on rpms instead its smooth as it should. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. They told me that they couldn't restore these kind of injectors and instead they had put 2 used ones but in very good condition. I only have a picture of the snapped one
  6. Hey guys, i hope i find everyone well. Just an update on everything. My car had more problems than expected but finally it came to an end Despite the sensor being bad and the DPF delete being done to the car the car wasn't running right and we pulled the injectors out and found that 2 out of the 4 were bad and one of the two was so bad that it leaking gasses through the copper seal and essentially my car was loosing compression because of it(it formed like a carbon seal and it was stuck and snapped in half when we pulled it out). Anyhow we changed all seals and 2 injectors and finally it runs like a dream. If anyone is interested in more details feel free to ask I hope everyone merry christmas and happy holidays!
  7. Hi, actually here its one day to remove and gut it about 150euro and 300euros for the dpf delete which also requires 1 day. Which comes to 2-3 days max and about 450 euros
  8. Guys, Finally i came to the bottom of this and the short answer is DPF delete. soo after many months of struggle and many different diagnosis finally my mechanic found that the DPF differential pressure sensor is acting weird meaning that it would mostly show correct values and then out of nowhere be all over the place and that what was causing all of this and I'm really happy I came to the bottom of it. beware that It is very sneaky because it wont show that its faulty. Toyota quoted me 500euros for a new sensor and i cant find a used one and since here in Cyprus its not that big of a deal to do a DPF delete and i can still pass MOT then i will go ahead and do a delete and keep you guys updated
  9. Hey everyone, Just a quick update for everyone. Took my car to a diesel specialist here in Cyprus and the guys there told me it wasn't my injectors and that its my dpf being almost full due to city driving and in desperate need of cleaning and that's what the smoke is and the knocking i hear from the engine are the injectors spraying more fuel to bring up the dpf temperature. I made a dpf cleaning appointment this Monday and lets hope that its fixable and i wont need new dpf.
  10. Hello, Did anyone tried / find anything else? I think my problem is one of the injectors as i can hear it knocking between 2k-2.5k revs under load.
  11. As I own an 2.2L diesel and had this problem before I suggest going to someone and have the DPF cleaned because it is most likely that it has more life ahead of it and it is much cheaper than replacing the whole unit
  12. Mine hasn't changed either it still smokes and currently im trying to save some money to get my injectors checked.
  13. Almost the same here as well, don't know what else to do might try having an expert do a injector test on all 4 engine injector too see if they are the problem
  14. mine does this as well it mostly smokes in the city
  15. My mechanic took it on the highway yesterday and did a force regeneration. Haven't had much time to test it out but i thinks still smokes but a lot better. Will give it a try on monday when i don't have work and see what happens .
  16. Yes, the car feels much better and pulls harder but when it starts to smoke its like I'm loosing power.
  17. What about you guys mpg did it change after the new one? mine didn't change at all
  18. does the radio require some kind of code or not when resetting
  19. I might try that today and see what happens, is there anything i should know after connecting the battery back? thanks,
  20. Right now, he thinks that maybe the ecu is stuck on regenerating and we might reset the ecu or try force regeneration while on highway. Did you reset the ecu when you changed the injector?
  21. Really happy to hear that you got it sorted out.
  22. So far my car feels a lot more powerful after the new injector but it still smokes but better than before. Now we are thinking that it might be the injectors or another thing that its the next thing we will try is that maybe the ecu is stuck on regenerating or something and we gonna try force regenerating while on highway and hopefully reset some values. I hope everything goes well for you and not have to deal with it anymore .
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