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  1. Ok, so probably a dealer then. From your experience would a dealer touch it if the ECU had been swapped?
  2. I wonder if that could be done with the mini vci and software that flash22 mentioned earlier?
  3. Aha... that's great news thank you. What model were these cars called? Might be lucky to find one in a scrapyard...
  4. Yes you did, and thank you: I wasn't sure about the audio controls because when I searched that part number the visuals appeared different on different sites.
  5. Thanks for that. I don't think it is CVT that isn't compatible with CC. There are other models where the CVT is paired with a different engine that do have CC. However, thanks for letting me know about the audio controls and the region. This means I should at least be able to obtain a compatible clock spring loom and a set of controls for this car. If you don't mind, I'll use your VIN number to search out the part number for the audio controls. I'm hoping that @Flash22 might yet find a yaris model with that magic engine/transmission combination in another region. 🙏
  6. Thanks for this suggestion. I am hoping that Techstream might be able to enable CC. You said "I already have original cruise control (1NRFE)". Do you mean you have a Yaris with this engine which already has cruise control? If so, may I ask which Yaris model number and which region you are in?
  7. I have been googling and found a number of 1.3L CVT GLi spec Yaris in Pakistan. Sadly not very detailed spec, but you'd think a GLi would have CC. Any luck with North/South America, or Canada maybe? Could you see if that market might have what we need? I realise the engine code 1NR is specific to this basic model I have, but I was thinking if another 1.3 vehicle with CVT has CC, perhaps it would be a different engine code but still maybe the ECU would be compatible? What do you think? I'd like to avoid an engine swap but maybe if I found a 1.5 written off and going ch
  8. I really appreciate you taking the time to look into it. I wouldn't know where to start! Thank you. I would find it very curious that the car seems to be pre-wired for CC including the instrument cluster (with the exception of the clock spring loom) all the way to the ECU if there is no such option. Even the steering wheel has the mounting holes for it. But maybe there is a model with a bigger engine. If you do find the option available in another region please do let me know. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for that info. Sorry for being slow to understand. The car I have is a UAE car, (originally sold from new in 2017 by the main UAE dealer Al Futtaim (Toyota) LLC, to a car rental company). Are you saying there are also 2NZ engines in the UAE as well as the 1NR - or that I seem to have an engine from a different region?
  10. I recall you saying that with reference to the GCC spec Yaris, Cruise was part of the e-sport package. The E-sport package clock spring loom was - 84307-0D130. Must admit I haven't had much luck in finding one but am still looking. What I don't know is whether the ECU is the same or not, or whether it is a programmable setting or if the whole ECU needs to be changed out. Given this was manufactured in Taiwan for the GCC market, I am surprised the loom exists, and is connected back to the ECU if CC was not an option. However, if there is a way of taking an ECU from a US Spec m
  11. If so, maybe we can find a way to flash it. Thanks agin for all your support. Will report back here when I have something.
  12. Thanks for that. Ok those are the pins I measured on the stalk, so all is good with the hardware. You're so right about China. I initially ordered the stalk via Ali Express from China and got a poster instead - which they refused to refund. Ended up ordering on Amazon from the US which is the one that eventually arrived. Thanks for the tip on the Mini VCI. I'll bear that in mind and let you know what I find. There's a tuner guy I know in Dubai who has all the right kit. I might ask him to take a look first. I'll let you know what I find. Last question (for now) if I m
  13. It does, however, look like the instrument cluster has the cruise control indicator lights, although I have not seen them illuminate. My camera flash sees them though.
  14. Cheers for that. Happy to run Techstream but I have absolutely no experience of this software at all or where to obtain it. I have googled but there is quite a variety of suppliers and versions. Do you think this software would be able to enable Cruise control in the ECU? Would you mind providing a link to where I might obtain a known good Mini VCI lead and software please? I don't mind ordering in the UK as I have a UK shipping forwarding address to the UAE. Your chart shows a "tester connection 1(ECC) - 3(CCS)." Where is that connector and what does that mean? I can
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