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  1. Thanks again. Ok good plan. I will contact them and let you know the result.
  2. Very gratreful for the link. Good spot, but unfortunately not showing by the time I got to it. I did, however, find this on the same site: https://shopee.com.my/Ecu-Computer-Computer-Toyota-All-New-Yaris-Vios-Limo-89661-0u410-Original-i.358131018.5881695115 Physically identical to the one I have. It's the closest I could find right now. You think this is compatible?
  3. I'm drawing a blank on both of those part numbers. Scrapyards don't seem to have them and I can't even look them up on parts.toyota. https://parts.toyota.com/p/71697520/896610U350.html https://parts.toyota.com/p/71697520/896610U440.html The local dealer doesn't have them listed either. Is it possible those parts are superceded? Even the part I was holding in my hand isn't listed https://parts.toyota.com/p/69106459/896610U270.html Amazon and Ebay have nothing. Not sure where to go from here.
  4. Do you know the difference between the AH and the CE in the model numbers? I think the 10/2017 4 door ASEAN/LAOS model numbers are closest to mine. NSP150L-AHXGKV ECU: 89661-0U350 (Mine: NSP150L-AHXRKV) It might be necessary to order these from overseas. Does your system show which countries actually have stock?
  5. Ok thanks. So we seem to be limited to the 0U350 and 0U440. I will continue looking. Thank you.
  6. Clever... well done! So now is there a way to find out which ECU(s) part numbers were fitted to these models?
  7. Thanks for looking into that. The last column seems to correlate with the first letter of the model number after the hyphen.
  8. Hi flash22. Having been back to the scrapyards, I am struggling to find the 89661-0U440 ECU you mentioned. Even the main Toyota importer (Al Futtaim) doesn't have that available as a new part, which suggests it might be known as a different part number here in the UAE. However I notice from an earlier post you mentioned the 0U350 and 0U360 ECUs. Are they compatible with the 1NRFE / CVT combination and would they be the same physical connections as the 0U270 that I am trying to replace? I may need to expand the search to include other part numbers, so do you have any other sugg
  9. Cool. I'll let you know what i find then. Thanks. You've been enormously helpful.
  10. Ah that is a very useful nugget of information. Hopefully I can go around the vios and yaris yards next weekend to find that engine ECU. The yard I bought the metal one from had others hanging on a piece of string from the ceiling and they said they would refund or exchange if it was the wrong type. I also wanted to ask you if the Driving Support ECU was likely to be a factor, given that your earlier diagram showed this is where the cruise loom goes to?
  11. Good timing to see your reply. Just come back in and sadly, the replacement ECU is a very different beast to the one that's fitted and the loom plugs are not compatible. Pictures follow: The metal ECU is the replacement I obtained which I was told came out of a 2019 Yaris with cruise. There was also a smaller box under there with a single connector made by Denso. Do you think that might be the security / immobiliser or something else like the driving support ECU assembly?
  12. In the end I could not fix the sensor so went back to the scrapyards over the weekend and picked up an identical looking unit which included both the multi-pin clockwork loom and the correct SAS module. This particular combination, I was told, had come from a Toyota Corolla. Toyota themselves wanted about £150 (converted from Dirhams) for the Yaris standard parts (with the single-pin Clockwork loom and SAS). The second hand Corolla parts cost me £20, so I took a risk and it paid off. Undeterred by slightly the different part number on the SAS, but reassured by the fact it was the same
  13. Now I have the SAS out again and on the bench. I discovered that if I simply disconnect it, I will get a flash code of 63 on the Slip Indicator. If it is connected the flash code is 31. Still unable to reset the code, but I will disassemble it tomorrow and see if any pins are stressed. Toyota only supply the clock spring and the sensor as one complete assembly. Of course the clock spring is not the one I want so I would rather not order a new one. If I cannot fix this one, I will go hunting the scrap yards again. Pics follow of the replacement clock spring salvaged from a sc
  14. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it's nothing like mine. However I admit I was being lazy. Sorry. I attach some pictures. The fuses for ECU-IG 1 and ECU-B 1 aren't listed in my car. However ABS No2 in the Engine compartment seems to cover the VSC and the Instrument Cluster fuse box ECU- IG No.1 covers a load of things including the Main Body ECU. I have had all the covers off and all the fuses check out ok. Here are some pics in case anyone else finds this useful:
  15. Good to know... Where would those be located? Edit> The garage did try realigning / unplugging and also disassembly / cleaning.
  16. So I took it into the garage this evening who hooked up their computer and the code would not reset. It showed SAS Fault so they consider that the SAS is faulty and needs replacement. Unfortunately it doesn't come as a standalone part - only as part of the spiral loom assembly, which (apart from being expensive) is also the wrong type for my modifications. Am trying to find a second hand SAS now. I honestly can't see if or how it was damaged as I swapped it over with great care... but I can't argue with the diagnostic.
  17. "Incorrectly installed part"... this is what I was worried about. I did follow the instructions (linked above) to exchange the old SAS onto the replacement Clock Spring. However. I simply centred the clock spring with the orange flag showing as instructed relative to the alignment mark, then clipped the SAS to the back with the large tab to the top. (You can't put the large tab to the bottom as the cutout is a different size). However, centering the clock spring took about 2.5 turns to find the mid position. I didn't do the same to the SAS as this seemed to turn an infinite numbe
  18. Thanks for this. Just to confirm, Slip Light code 31 only means the SAS needs to be recalibrated?
  19. Is there a procedure using the pins without access to a techstream to clear the codes and reset the zero point? I've tried the brake pedal 8 times without success.
  20. Hi @flash22... Its taken me a while to source components... but I'm getting there! I have now replaced the clock spring (spiral loom) and fitted audio controls and cruise control. I have also obtained a replacement ECU for the 1NRFE engine with "full options" although this is not yet fitted. In the meantime my gf had a minor accident while reversing into her parking space, peeling the front bumper away from the left (drivers) side. After pulling off the steering wheel and replacing the clock spring, I had to swap the steering position sensor using these instructions: https
  21. Ok, so probably a dealer then. From your experience would a dealer touch it if the ECU had been swapped?
  22. Excellent news. I'll start looking.
  23. I wonder if that could be done with the mini vci and software that flash22 mentioned earlier?
  24. Aha... that's great news thank you. What model were these cars called? Might be lucky to find one in a scrapyard...
  25. Yes you did, and thank you: I wasn't sure about the audio controls because when I searched that part number the visuals appeared different on different sites.
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