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  1. I was about to ask the same question as I have a tailgate mounted bike rack. However as I have cleaned mine a few times now and noticed that the tailgate is plastic? Also there isn’t much of a lip on the bumper that the bottom of the carrier sits on. Answering some comments on here though, mine is one that hangs on the top half of the tailgate so it doesn’t obscure rear lamps and number plate that I also see a lot out there do. think I may go roof bar route as I guess would be a cheaper option?
  2. The app is on my mobile phone. I’m presuming you already have an account here so if you open the app. It shows your current vehicle and fuel level and as you scroll down you can see where your car is parked and mileage etc. if you tap services on the bottom of the screen then choose the Hybrid coaching tab this is where you can view all your journeys by tapping All trips at the top of your screen. I use mile IQ for my business and personal journeys for HMRC but if your recording your mileages on paper I would say this would really help. Stu
  3. I tried sport mode on a country lane I’m quite familiar with this morning ( call me old fashioned but I still give a new car 1000 miles running in period) I’m quite impressed with the power delivery as I’m used to turbo diesels. i will try sport mode on the motorway soon to see what difference it makes. ive been looking at the MyT app tonight and found it details each journey and includes a hybrid score EV percentage etc. Handy for logging the business and personal miles.
  4. I feel I need to add a quick update. What a car! Ive had it 13 days today, covered just over 1000 miles in that time, most for work. Total average MPG 53.4. Had a job today in Wigan, 160 miles round trip from Wolverhampton, mainly M6. Set cruise at 70 (50/60 though roadworks) comfortable, effortless, cannot fault. I do find though that this car gives better MPG on A and B roads than sat on motorways. A previous day I traveled from Manchester to Derby dales and though Buxton and then to Stoke on Trent. I would say at least 50 percent was in EV mode. On motorways with cruise the R
  5. That’s good to know. Lancaster Toyota is the dealers, Jardine motors. I’m hopeful that the cruise control will help with M6. Between J4 and 11 is always congested, even with the current lock down there is still rush hour around 4pm. 😔
  6. Ive had confirmation Friday that my new Corolla is being delivered next Wednesday. Coming all the way from Sunderland! I hope snow isn’t too bad up there delaying delivery 🤨 looking forward to the automatic gearbox and the adaptive cruise control. Hopefully be useful on busy motorway journeys. have to say though my old faithful Avensis has never let me down, now with 97k on the clock in just over 4 years. Not much to look at but very comfortable and extremely reliable!
  7. On my travels today I noticed in my rear view mirror what I thought was a Corolla gaining on me on the M5. As it passed I clocked a Suzuki emblem on the tailgate instead of Toyota and Swace at the bottom right hand corner. Quick search on the internet and yes They are on Suzuki website. https://cars.suzuki.co.uk/new-cars/swace/ Does anyone know what going on here?🤨
  8. Hi, just been reading this post and noticed you had an Avensis. I have one at the moment, company car 1.6D 66 reg. I struggle to average 44mpg 😂 some journey averages I’ve touched 50 but that’s trying really hard. Boot is always full though. I’m nearly on 100k miles now so she should be at her best. However, I have a Corolla 1.8 like yours on order and like you looking forward to exceeding my Mpg targets. The Avensis is probably the most comfortable car I have ever drove and judging on the brief test drive I had in an Excel spec, I’m sure the Corolla will be up there too.
  9. Was it the GR spec you had? The Excel seats were really supportive that I was driving and I didn’t see any problems? I would love the 2.0 however I need the boot space for work and the Avensis I have at the moment the boot is full of tools and spares for my job😳 I was offered a focus estate from work before Xmas that was an automatic diesel as sadly we had to make an engineer redundant. I had it for about 3 days, couldn’t believe how uncomfortable and skittish on the motorway!
  10. No I didn’t go on the motorway unfortunately. I did stretch her legs along a 50 mph duel carriageway exceeding the speed limit a little. I drove for about 45mins and averaged 59mph with a mixture of town traffic.
  11. Hi, I've just been reading this post as I have just ordered a 1.8 touring sport design Tyrol grey (company car) I'm impressed that yours was delivered within a month. Cant wait for mine😆 As for a test drive, I had no problem at my local dealers, Steven Egall Wolverhampton. They loaned a 1.8 excel tourer for an hour, (i had just had my current car serviced and asked whilst I was there). Was very pleased with the drive. Really comfortable, cannot fault them. Hope mine arrives soon.
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