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  1. Hello Billy, I've been unable to track down your message, probably because I'm new to the forum format and don't quite know where to look! I'm in the process of calculating a price based on responses to far and the amount of parts replaced during my Surf's major service in September last year. If you can point me in the direction of the message mentioned in your post dated yesterday, I'll get back to you. Many thanks
  2. Absolutely, and that's just what I'm doing: downsizing and changing to petrol. At least, that's the plan! Thank you again for your responses, they are genuinely helpful.
  3. Thank you both so much for your quick replies - valuations a bit disappointing (I guess we all reckon our precious vehicles are worth more than they actually are!), but fair and honest, which is what I asked for. Much appreciated. 😊
  4. I’ve made it known to a few friends that I’m considering parting with my cherished Surf. One of them has expressed a keen interest but I don’t know how much to ask for it and he has no idea what to offer. Please help - can anyone out there suggest a fair price for the following ? : Hilux Surf 3.0TD AUTO SSR G 1996, Light Blue/Silver paintwork, immaculate blue/grey fabric interior 4 cylinder, diesel / vegetable oil, with intercooler Turns on a sixpence Five perfect Goodrich 265/75/R16 tyres All the usual extras such as five electric windows, rear reversing mirror, wood dash, tinted rear windows, compass and altimeter, rear heater, etc, etc Full service history. Mileage at last test in September : 189,211 . No image since this is not an ad. Thank you all.
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