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  1. You just need to gently lever off the plastic surround, disconnect the hazard light switch (to give you easier access) and then unscrew the radio from its metal mounts and then disconnect the block connectors. I added an aftermarket unit with built in DVD etc., it just meant I had to work out which of the original wires did what and add a couple of extras. It's a fairly easy job to disconnect the original though once you can see what you're doing.
  2. Think I saw the same one a couple of months back too - the owners got a bit twitchy though when they saw me looking too closely and didn't want to talk about it too much! Had blue number plates on if i remember, with Arabic lettering, so I think it was a private import. Did look nice though. If there are companies selling them over here now someone must have gambled on producing a model report, as i don't know that Toyota GB are selling them yet.
  3. There are some differences but they would seem to be mainly cosmetic, unless you take into account the 3.0, 4x4 and hybrid versions which were sold for the Asian market. Also i think the 8 seater models are easier to get as imports as the majority of UK models have been 7 seaters. Like most of the aftermarket accessories for these cars (and there are an awful lot available!) nearly all have to be sourced from Japan, wood trim kits being one of them. If you want to make your interior look a bit different to the norm, colour matching various parts is fairly easily done and comparatively cheap, which is what I have done with mine. I noticed you're a Sarf Lundon boy - if you're anywhere near Croydon and want to have a look at my import version to give you an idea on differences just drop me a pm!
  4. Many thanks for the advice. It's a pity no english supplier seems to be importing these kits - I'm sure it'd be worth their while. I might even consider moulding my own - I built a kayak many moons ago and from what I remember it's not too difficult a material to use and not too expensive either - do you think a more easily available kit could be altered? Cheers. Bill I have thought about testing the water myself on one or two occasions and importing a couple of kits to sell over here but have not done anything about it so far. Mine gets an awful lot of positive comments so I would think there could be some demand for them. If its of any interest to you or anyone else, once my new bodykit arrives in a couple of months time I would be happy to donate my current bodykit for free if it could be repaired and moulds taken from it (with some modifications of course - wouldn't want anyone to get into trouble with licensing issues!!) And going back to the warning light topic, mine is now into the 30k + bracket with no hint of a problem, but I am watching the dash carefully now just in case! Does the general concensus now seem to be that if it happens its not that big a deal and best left alone?
  5. I want to put 17s or 18s on mine so thanks for the info. If I was to put regular tyres on rather than low profiles would the speedo need to be recalibrated? In a word - yes!!!
  6. This one I can talk about with some authority!!!! I have been running my Estima for well over two years now with a full Altemiss bodykit, which is pretty deep spoilered (see my pics). Generally, I can clear most speed humps by being sensible, but the occasional one will always catch me out, and I cringe at the sound of fibreglass scraping on tarmac! With a full load of kids/other stuff, it becomes more of a concern. I have spent a good few hours this year repairing cracks, particularly to the front spoiler - so much so that I have now almost given up and am on the verge of ordering a new bodykit. Mine is running with standard springs at the mo and stock ride height, but I have a set of uprated dampers on. I have had some Kenstyle lower and stiffer springs sitting in my garage waiting for me to decide if I should try them out, which I might do shortly. I know it may sound daft lowering a car that is already scraping, but the Estima/Previa is fairly softly sprung in standard form so I'm hoping the stiffer springs will help somewhat. I'll post something on that when I get round to it. So in short, yes you should be ok with a kit that is not too deep or upgrade your suspension to cope with it if it is. As for importing a kit and costs, I use a company called Isicar.com for most of my bits. They have quoted me approximately 20,000 Yen for a bodykit to be shipped by container (8-10 weeks average) or 100,000 yen by air freight (2-3 wks average). The other alternative is to find someone who is importing a larger car/van and do a deal with them to ship your kit inside their vehicle! Prices for the kits vary wildly - a full kit can cost anywhere between £350 - £1500+ so you would need to find one that suits your pocket, but as with most things you get what you pay for! Whatever you decide to do, the occasional scrape is well worth suffering as these cars can look fab with a bit of careful modification and really turn heads! If you need any help let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
  7. From the album: The Great White Wonder!

    Out on the road enjoying some sun!
  8. From the album: The Great White Wonder!

    Colour matched LED door mirror.
  9. I would think they have almost certainly been disconnected to get through the SVA, and you'll probably find that the fog light wiring comes off of the wiring from one of the tailight clusters. As the foglight should only be capable of being switched on while the headlights are on, an easy way of doing this is to disconnect the two inner tailights on these cars (as they obviously only come on with the headlights) and take a spur from one of them to feed the fog light. As for the rear screen heater, first try the fuse, if that's ok it will probably be the wiring to the screen that's broken - I think the matrix itself is embedded in the screen so that's unlikely to be the problem.
  10. From the album: The Great White Wonder!

    Bought from Yahoo Japan auctions & painted body colour at home, quite an improvement on the original mirrors!
  11. :) No it's not a big deal really - although I've not had the pleasure of doing one on these cars! I'd get it checked out first though before you splash out on a water pump.
  12. Hi Mobey - could be the water pump bearing from what you've described, had the same sort of noise from our Fiesta recently and that's what it turned out to be. How's your mods coming along by the way?
  13. We imported our '02 Estima from Japan ourselves because, as fasteye says, a lot of the uk ones are ex taxis with high mileage and a bit grubby. We found that to get a low mileage one put the price up too much, hence we went the import route. There's a lot more imported ones for sale here now too. Got ours in June 2005 with 16000Km on the clock and its now done 26000 miles or so without a single problem. The O2 sensors seem to be the only real issue, and there is a thread on that problem on this site, although its not happened to us yet and may not be that big a problem as its obviously been highlighted by a few members on here that have suffered while many more might have been unaffected.
  15. Why not have a look at Estimas and Lucidas? They have a great following and are now well catered for with regards to spares and servicing, good economy for the size and very practical. You should be able to get a slightly older model for around 2k, just make sure it's been looked after though.
  16. Have you checked to see if a model report is available? If not you won't be able to import one, and if this is the case the ones you have seen may have been personal imports. This is where someone living abroad has bought one and after a minimum 6 months continental ownership, they can ship it over here without the need for a model report (or so I'm led to believe!). Try http://www.modelreports.com to see if its listed.
  17. Ours averages 24/25 around town and about 28 on a run, although we usually average 80/85mph with the a/c on most of the time on a run so I guess that could be improved on. Oh and its an '02 2.4VVTi btw! Not sure what a 3 litre would be like (wouldn't mind one though) and there's not many in the country yet to get figures from, but it would be worth having if only for that luvverly V6 burble!!!
  18. Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 - basically an estate with attitude!!! Twin turbo's and 4wd, a guy I know was selling his recently and it was running around 350bhp no problems. No need to compromise just to get some extra space!!!!
  19. My single DIN 7" motorized TV/monitor is up for grabs - it's in excellent fully working condition having only been fitted to my Estima for about 2 months, before I got hold of a double din unit more suited to my car. Very good picture quality, £50 and it's yours plus I'll throw in a free but slightly temperamental DVD/CD/radio which it was paired up with. Pm me if you're interested. Cheers. *** Please note that the monitor is the unit that I am selling, the DVD player is free as it is faulty but repairable (wire adrift inside). Postage to mainland UK is £13 as they are fairly heavy. Thanks
  20. Got an unused set of Kenstyle lowering springs in my shed, they will lower a 2000 and on Previa/Estima between 35-40mm. I bought them from Japan for my own Estima, but decided not to use them as they would probably lower mine too much when combined with my bodykit to be able to drive it comfortably! Cost me £130 2 months ago, I'm looking for £80 plus postage at cost. Please pm me if interested. Cheers.
  21. Have you thought about a Townace? They are 8 seaters if I remember with a 2.2TD engine, and I think you could still find a few in good nick, especially if you want to try importing one from Japan. Prices should be good too.
  22. An Estima is the import version of the UK Previa, same body and only done in petrol versions. There might be differences inside but I'm not sure on that. Then there are the Estima Lucida and Estima Emina which are also imports, but diesels, plus they are narrower in the body and slightly shorter. If you've any doubts on which is which the narrower cars have flared front arches. Unfortunately not many are seen in manual trim - although they are around, just harder to get. I think there are more manuals in the Previa and Estima full size bodies than in the diesels. You should be able to get an early model for a lot less than 3 grand but obviously mileage would be a bit higher, and if you can get anywhere near the 3k mark I would expect that you would have a good choice of good condition cars with reasonable mileage on them.
  23. From the album: The Great White Wonder!

    Apparently this says who the previous owner was in Japan and where it was based - a sort of ID tag which the !Removed! like to add! An interesting little touch which I felt needed to be left in place.
  24. From the album: The Great White Wonder!

    Big car + white paint = lots of cleaning!!!
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