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  1. Well finally I uploaded all the pics but linking to each pic will take me ages and I am very busy moving house at the moment, so I have put a link to a photobucket account. I may get some time to add them to your topic if you wish.... HERE is a link to all the pics. Hope I didn't miss any, the car is definately on her way back to her formar glory
  2. Glad you could all join us Yeah the american questions are annoying but it would be too easy without them and you never know - there may be a time in your life when you really need to know who won the 1954 NBA title and thanks to TOC Trivia you will remember it!!!!!
  3. I knew I should have shaved before having my photo taken for the licence....
  4. Maybe we just aint good enough and no manager is going to help us become the world beaters we think we are??!! Maybe Croatia and Russia are just better than us and deserved to go through?! You wouldn't sack the Andorra manager for not qualifying, maybe we should not expect anything from our team? McClaren was deservedly sacked, we need someone who will bring the best out of what we have. ubikne Wenger for manager He knows the game and the players inside out, with somebody like that on board we would have a chance to be the best that we can be. Alan Shearer would be a big gamble, but it could pay off nicely. Oh and why does the forum change a.r.s.e.n.e. (without dots of course!) to ubikne???!!!!
  5. Hello! First off congratulations, rather you than me! ;) If you read THIS thread then you will see that the recaro ones and the mamas & papas pro-tec are the ones to get, not saying that others wont fit but many have been tried, and failed. HTH
  6. Yeah, don't do anything without her approval first and don't forget to tell her she looks gorgeous every time you want to ride in her :D. Sump are you sure that it is not just your imagination that when you touch anything the immobiliser kicks in? When you unlock the doors, therefore disarming the alarm, the internal sensors shouldn't be sensing. I know that with mine if I open the doors then there is a timed delay before the immobiliser kicks in, say, 30 seconds to a minute something like that. I then have to press the 2nd button to override this. It could be that as you are opening the windows or doing whatever this is enough time for the immobiliser to kick in.
  7. The damage was a crumpled rear wing and £150 to have it pulled and resprayed! :ffs: I can still hear " but it was one of those real low walls that you just can't see" ......NO! It was one of those real low walls that everybody else can see but you!!! Actually, did it myself once :!Removed!: ssshhhh...don't tell anyone, it's embarrassing :D
  8. Yeah I made that mistake ONCE :D
  9. Hi, it's obviously fitted with a anti-hijack feature which is a complete pain in the ****!! Like sotal said it's easy to lock your keys in then you have to go through a keying in sequence to disarm it. Best thing to do is do a search on the net and find out which alarm it has fitted, very likely a Toad, look at all pics to match the fobs etc and then download a manual for it. The first button will open and lock the car, the 2nd will probably be to lock doors with/without internal sensors (press 1 then 2) and also to override immobiliser when trying to start it. Maybe ;)
  10. I would always go with the manufacturer's recommendation for the car regardless of the tyre size under normal/full loading. If it is a heavy full load, i.e 4 rather large people then I would go 35ish for a long journey. Towing caravans and the like is a different matter but I am sure that not many of us bought our celicas to do that!!!!
  11. Very nice Ribbit, ribbit :P :D
  12. Well that depends on what you mean by a full load! If you're going to be shoving a tonne of lead in your boot then I would say a little higher pressure, but normal loads, i.e people I would say that normal pressures will be fine!! You should see a sticker when you open your door which will tell you but as Jones said 32-34 is right. I run mine at 33 :P
  13. Yeah I managed to get paint on the discs but I was doing the hubs too. Doesn't matter though, it comes off real easy when you actually use the brakes. Better to avoid if posible though
  14. Oh well as long as you were wearing knickers then the paps wont have anything on you :) It is a nice car, looks like you'd be able to throw it around any which way and it'll glue to the road.
  15. Don't know to be honest but probably isn't anything in it. I, however, would go for the Gt4 one :)
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