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  1. Hi, I am having same issue with the code compensation for injectors not showing in techstream. Mines a 2005 RAV4 mk2. Can I assume that the remanufactured injectors I have purchased for it also does NOT need reprogrammed? Thanks
  2. Hi Igor, Thanks for your reply. To follow up on your points... - injectors are worn down; - I have suspicions that this could be the reason (car at 155k and no history of injectors being replaced) these are quite a costly part though so am I best getting the injectors tested first or is this possible to DIY with one of the injector test kits? - engine \ turbo suction filter is clogged; - Air filter is fairly new having only covered some couple thousand miles. - variable vanes (turbo) are not smoothly rotated relating to current engine load (+ impulse tube with vacuum actuator); - I have replaced the turbo core and checked that vanes are moving freely, have also checked actuator with a hand vacuum to recommended specs according to the 1CD-FTV engineers manual. - late injection timing; How would I go about checking this?? - possible air suction thru primer buster pump \ fuel filter; - by this do you mean there could be an air pocket in the fuel system or leak into where the fuel filter is? I did replace fuel filter recently so will have to check the seals on it, where is the primer pump located? - possible electrical errors belong to injection circuit; Again what electrical errors should I be looking for? broken relays/sensors etc.. or actual electronic components? - EGR clogging; - I have had egr off which is clean and moves freely. I have also ordered VCI cable with techstream to hopefully help diagnose any possible issues, I will report back any findings. Thanks again Jason
  3. Hi all, looking for some advice regarding my 05 mk2 d4d 2.0. This car seems to have numerous issues with it at the minute and I am struggling to work out which avenue I should be going down without replacing part after part hoping that one fixes it. First main concern is that I get constant grey smoke from the car while engine is running, this increases with acceleration and happens when the car is idling too. Its not a sweet smell so guesses not coolant, more of just a dirty diesely smell that would make you cough. I was thinking maybe bad injectors? Though engine runs fine, revs well, doesn't miss fire and starts on the button, mpg seems to be well down though. Was also thinking maybe valve seals? Need to check oil again to see if it burning any though. Also EML light keeps coming on with code p400, egr flow. It's had a new egr unit and I've had it off and cleaned it which all seems okay, it is a bit sticky right at the top when you try push it down but being a new unit I figured this would be normal. Its also had a new turbo core and injector seals so would rule those out. Anything you can think to get rid of the poor mpg and grey smoke would be appreciated. Regards Jason
  4. Have you tried the local scrap places? I used to live in Sheffield and there were numerous large scrap car places around the area, including some specialized ones for my then car. If you have a phone round you might get lucky finding one in the same colour. Cheers
  5. I did have my reservations about them, after all it did seem too good to be true. I have messaged TT will see what they say. Any idea what sort of ball park price they charge for recon turbos? Thanks
  6. Looking at maybe buying a new turbo for my '05 RAV4, the CD1-FTV engine. Have come across this website which is apparently based in London and they are selling Garrett Turbos for my Rav for £218 + £80 refundable deposit when you send in your old turbo. This seems a pretty banging deal considering other sites are charging £700+ for genuine Garrett ones. Has anyone had or know of anyone who's had a bad experience with these guys? Or know the reasoning behind the cheap price? Thanks Jay
  7. Why not just let his insurance cover it?
  8. Hi Everyone, Been a long time lurker here and finally decided to sign up so I could ask this question. I've been looking for a while now of a detailed description of the vacuum line routes on the 1CD-FTV engine. I have found snippets or very vague images but nothing that really helps me. My issue is I have some vacuum lines that aren't connected and when I try connect them to what looks like the most logical place the engine run like crap. The main one is I have a line from the turbo boost pressure sensor (this has a constant suction) which goes in the direction of the turbo which is not connected and also a line from the UFO type device (turbo actuator?) on top of the turbo that also goes to nothing, when I try connect the two the turbo starts to spin up and that car struggles the rev past 2000rpm, so I'm assuming that's not where its supposed to go. Any ideas? Thanks Jay.
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