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  1. I did a scan today and checked the parameters of the car. EGR second test $39 data came up with a failed status according to the attached picture. Can anyone please suggest what the problem might be? Thanks
  2. How was it diagnosed please? because a mechanic checked and said nothing was wrong with the car. Also what did it cost to fix it?
  3. Hello guys, Please I need help with the following. My Toyota Avensis periodically exhaust white smoke, it last for about 2 seconds and stop. It seem like a valve opened and all the smoke rushed out then it closed back. It occurs almost every 7-10 minutes and gets me worried. The emission is sometimes very much that the cars behind tend to move to the other lane but it disappears within seconds. I have had the engine checked and there seem to be no problem. I am guessing the issue might be with the DPF or Exhaust system. What do you think please? PS: There is no alarm
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