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  1. Is this all about the old monthly payments? This seems to be the business plan of most things now. Get the money up front for services ( not just car related,all services and business) The words plan ,budget, and easy payment,all spring to mind. To me, this is just a way of getting paid for something that may,or may not,be fulfilled at some future point. I prefer to get something done, and then pay for it in full, there and then. Who knows what the future holds? I realise that I this is an old way of thinking, and that I may well be out of touch with modern practice, but I prefer to control what I pay when it happens. Of course,we are all different, and monthly plans suit some people better. But I was taught that if you can't afford it,go without and save up until you can. Having said that, I freely admit to having a mortgage, and a HP loan for a car in the past .
  2. Sue,a fair few of us have older Toyotas here, including me with a Yaris celebrating it's 20 birthday next month. I ask again, are the "innards"of your fallen apart key intact? If so,the option I suggested may be a reasonably priced choice. Aside from that, I found out today that the alarm on my Yaris is very loud 🔊, I think I must have got the switch off and get out the car sequence wrong, I managed to reset it by getting back in and restarting the engine, and then off, and lock.
  3. Yes, deja vu, I tried that with some doppelganger German sausages . It goes nicely with sauerkraut and boiled jersey new potatoes.
  4. Have you tried any of the options pointed out to you in your other thread about this?
  5. Well, they certainly beat having your knees round your ears in my mini van. BMC, not BMW.
  6. The seats in my old Tsport are fairly comfortable, even for a creaky old chap like me. Mind you , they are needed to cope with the enormous g forces generated on corners, and to keep me in place at Santa Pod when out accelerating the competition. Maybe if next week's Mot goes ok , I am thinking of fitting recaros with a five point harness.
  7. The run from Market Rasen to Binbrook, passing Tealby in the wolds here in Lincs can be fun. I first drove it in a 3 speed Ford 100e, even in that terrible old heap, the cambers on the bends and gradients up and down made it feel like a roller coaster. You do need to check that your brakes are good before the return run however,as the downhill run is steep, and until you get the confidence to not brake before the bends ,as in no need to,the cambers are perfect, most would panic brake with the scenery hurtling towards you. I have not driven it yet in the tsport, but will do if no problems with MOT next week or so. Perhaps nowadays a road closure notice may be in order before attempting it , but a while ago most seemed to know how to stay on the left hand side of the road. One of the oldest pubs in the country, the thatch roofed Kings arms at Tealby makes a picturesque spot to stop for lunch. 🤞That they haven't "improved"it since I last drove it. Mind you, that would be a lot of earth moving to flatten out the wolds.
  8. Not been on a bus for a long time Cyker, but I do see this kind of behaviour while shopping etc. Or even hawking and spitting in a car park,or on the streets.🤧 🤞 You don't get a Corsa, but if it happens, always remember it could be worse if you got a range rover.
  9. It was a bit like that with the j4 pic
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