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  1. We have what must be a 3 acre car park near here ,big enough for the local driving schools to use for tuition. Hundreds of empty spaces, but same thing park anywhere on your own and magically another car appears in minutes choosing to ignore all the other empty spaces.
  2. Thank you jonquirk , that did trick ,all is now on mpg/mph . I have just opened a small beer to celebrate , I wish I could hand one to you for being so helpful 🍺
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply jonquirk. Is it possible that the mode button you mention is labelled differently on my car ,as I can't find it . I have put a post with a photo of the controls if that helps to show what I mean. Regards
  4. I tried that flash 22 , but all readouts still on metric , range , av speed consumption etc. Thank you for the suggestion though. Not an urgent problem anyway as long as they go and stop eh?
  5. Thank you flash 22 I shall try that in the morning and let you know how I get on .
  6. Hello Yaris club , I am very happy with my 2003 t Sport but cannot figure out how to change the readout from litres/kilometres fuel consumption to MPG ,and average speed etc to mph. I have looked at the handbook and reckon I have it wrong how to do this. So do any Yaris owners know how to change this please ? It has been in metric mode since I bought it ,and it had a new battery not long before that , maybe the default is metric and dropped into that on fitting the new battery.
  7. Thank you paulinhoT for your kind post. I was thinking that the T Sport is a modern classic , but thought that was only in my head. Nice to know that other Toyota enthusiast's think so too.🤩
  8. Thank you for the further welcomes, I appreciate them. It may seem a unusual choice to have an 18 year old car when my priorities are reliability and comfort. But I think a well maintained Toyota is as as good as it gets without going new , and even then the more technology is added , the more there is to go wrong. I came out of a Honda CRV idect 2.2 diesel , which was a great car .but completely wrong for my use ie short journeys instead of the long motorway travels I had planned for it. The Yaris wizzes around town with easy parking and at the same time can cope with lon
  9. Thank you for the welcome ,it looks to be a friendly place with helpful people.
  10. Hello , I would like to introduce myself to your club. I have been reading the topics in the Yaris section ,and found them very informative. I have been very fortunate in being offered a 2003 t Sport Yaris in September 2019 from a neighbor's lady friend , the neighbor owned it originally from new and then passed it on to the lady from whom I bought it ,so I have known the car from new. I did ask for first refusal on the car about two years before buying it, and sadly the lady was finding using and maintaining the car increasingly difficult in 2019 and hence offered it to me.
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