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  1. If they fit ...
  2. In one of my previous car (1999 Fiat Uno if I remember correctly) I was able to lift the pedal as high as possible. Such action did not affect its functionality.
  3. I'm glad it helped you. If battery is in great shape and not too old, something is draining it or alternator is not charging it. For draining there is a video from the same guy
  4. Hello! Who did the job and when? On modern cars majority of modifications require programming the car computer to work properly.
  5. You can put it anywhere you want. I usually take my sunglasses at a red light or I make sure there are no safety hazards. Then I simply have them on top of my head if I don't need them.
  6. Hello and welcome in TOC! Are you selling it in Europe?
  7. I guess parts for newest generations cost more than for older ones. I hope prices will drop as time goes on.
  8. Have you tried there? https://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/toyota Good luck!
  9. Have you resolved the problem? If not, there is something for you: https://itstillruns.com/dangers-driving-overheated-car-7379535.html https://www.hendrickatlanta.com/service/service-tips/happens-engine-overheats/ Good luck!
  10. I think it was damaged in a crash and not repaired correctly later. You will probably need to recalibrate it.
  11. Hy! Have you perhaps tried this site? https://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/toyota Good luck!
  12. Tigit

    abs code 35

    Hy there! As I understand there is problem in speed sensor circuit https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://forum.ih8mud.com/attachments/ci313233-pdf.332948/&ved=2ahUKEwjB4aOqv_zwAhXhhf0HHZCvA9EQFjARegQILRAC&usg=AOvVaw3JPm4LAL8na-P2PRdBhg1K Good luck!
  13. Hello there! There is a site with tips what could be wrong. Hope it helps. https://cartreatments.com/car-shakes-accelerating/ Good luck!
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