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  1. Yes, I changed the spark plugs and it was better for a very short while, then back to the same. Makes me wonder if the engine management has somehow changed to make it run leaner than it should be.
  2. Hi. Has anyone else experienced 'pinking' in their Aygo? Mine is a 2013 and I've had it since new. I used to run it on standard 95 octane fuel and commute about 90 miles per day, mostly in the the motorway, crossing at less than 60mph. As it got older, I started to find that after coasting down hills, or into the slip road from the motorway, when I picked up the throttle again there would be a definite hesitation and the rattling noise that we used to describe as 'pinking'. In older cars this noise would usually be caused because the timing was too far advanced, and could be adjusted simply by
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