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  1. Thank you so much for Thais info. Wishing you were un Spain to can doing for an expert like you. do you know if this tas500 has the option to see the multimedia content On the dashboard screen like the touch 2?
  2. Thank you very much for your help, I don't think I would know how to do it myself. I will try to find some Car audio and show him what you have told him so I can make it work properly. If I could get an extender cable and change the pins that are connected to the radio could it work without touching the wires that the car comes with from the factory? best regards
  3. I live in Spain and I bought it from someone local, I found out in the wake up and it was very expensive, if I can't solve the camera problem I will have to put it up for sale as I think it is quite necessary, you guys were able to make it work? I dared to buy it as the car that had it was exactly the same as mine with manual gearbox.
  4. I bought it recently used from someone who had an accident with his car and sold it to me for 650€, I found this forum and I have the problem of the reverse camera, everything works fine except the camera and everything that has already been mentioned here: the a/c controls and the music information on the dashboard screen. I have to change some pin in the original touch 2 connector.
  5. Hi, I swap today my touch 2 for a tas500 and I hace exactly te same problem with all issues ocap112 say, could you find a solution? best regards carlos
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