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  1. hi got it pressed in by local garage he charged me a massive £10 ,,the car is 14 years old so think the bearing will see out the rest of its life ,,☺️
  2. hi thanks the seal didn't fall out i had to remove the shaft and when i reinstalled it there was little leak so i needed to remove the seal to fit a new one but was unsure if it could be levered out ,,but i have done that now just need to get a new seal ,,thanks
  3. hi it does could not t wait just levered out with a small hooked bar ,,
  4. hi can,,,, anyone tell me can you just lever out the seal in the gear box that the drive shaft goes into with out taking gear box out thanks
  5. ok will do,,, any idea how much a garage would charge, or should charge ,,?
  6. hi i was going to take the hub to a garage to be pressed out ,,can this be done without a bench press ,,?
  7. hi thanks ,,i called 3 toyota dealers 2 told me i need a new drive shaft £300 + one wasnt sure but i ordered a bearing and it says abs sensor included ,,just as well i didnt go for the shaft ,,,
  8. hi can anyone for sure tell me where the abs sensor ring is located on this car please i have had conflicting re[ports about where it is drive shaft or hub bearing ,,,thanks
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