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  1. And this will achieve what? I’ve already tried windows pc, a Mac and more than 1 memory stick.
  2. I’ve tried 2 different sticks and a pc as well as a Mac, still no joy, trouble is the nearest dealer is nearly an hour away and due to work can never get there.
  3. When I go to the software update menu, the update button is greyed out and won’t let me select anything
  4. That’s exactly what mine looked like
  5. Hidden menu? Where is that? I am also using 32gb stick in a Mac
  6. It’s not a 2021 mate is a 2019 and the map version tells me it’s not up to date
  7. I tried that mate and still did not work 🙁
  8. Hi everyone, need help with updates. I have downloaded the map updates from the myToyota site (2020 v2 map update) and extracted onto a memory stick. The memory stick is fat32 as per Toyota instructions, when I view the memory stick I have a folder called MFU inside that there is 4 iso files. when I insert stick into car it’s says checking usb then nothing, as though it can’t find an update, tried several times with no joy, what am I doing wrong ? please help it’s doing my head in thanks tony
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