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  1. Thank you I’m sooooo looking forward to first drive
  2. Hi HS78 it’s the 3 litre I’ve never had a supra before so new territory for me
  3. Ok I’m picking mine up 1st March got the standard 2k discount BUT negotiated a great trade price on 2017 86 - I think if you barter hard you can get wriggle room on price plus go for Pro not standard
  4. Thank you glad to join - been an avid 86 owner for a while so sad they been withdrawn
  5. Picking up my new supra pro in 8 days after having 2 GT 86 in the last 6 years - I loved them but time to move on - what can I expect from this BMW cross ?
  6. Hi just about to collect new supra pro next week .... excited. Look I know it’s Frankenstein BMW but looks great and had amazing test drive - anyone any advice ?
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