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  1. Not to be contentious but I love the old Supra of the Fast n Furious age but I am not sure of the latest incarnation ? it’s so much a BMW it’s not got DNA from the old Supra I would think Toyota could develop their own engines and car accordingly ? Like I say not knocking anyone buying an ICE car these days as these car will become rarer as time goes on as most manufacturers are racing towards electric cars
  2. Anyone used a decent top notch and honest car detailer in Leicestershire ?
  3. All these updates does the dealership not carry this out when the car goes in for service ?
  4. Is this on website or on the mobile app? As I have mobile app but it doesn’t give all what you showed ?
  5. How do you get the MyT to detail your journeys ? I will be travelling in my company car Corolla and be useful to get my journey mileage ? Also wondered how to view the ev scores as a log away from the car?
  6. What Luke717 makes me really wonder if indeed there’s a fault with the unit ? why set max at 60 and the volume levels at 20-30 are almost a whisper ? For me I have to set the levels at least high 40’s maybe after driving the lotus for a few years I have induced hearing loss ? Lol
  7. Hi Geoff yes I checked all setting especially after iOS updates no avail ☹️ I think it’s just a low powered unit or a firmware needs to unlock the amp settings ? I will just have to live with it ! Not sure if I will buy my Corolla at end of the term as this would be a deal breaker TBH !
  8. I think I will stick to lotus official or specialist garage services but thanks for the replies 👍🏻
  9. I had the volume setting and even use the night music setting on my iPhone X at max on Bluetooth but alas no significant increase in music volume when I plug the phone in and use Apple car again a little better but really no major improvement I am still in the high 40-55 the car went back to Toyota dealer and they said no update or issue with unit???? just as a comparison in my lotus I have a pioneer HU not expensive but high power I have volume at 60-70% and it’s loud especially given it’s mid engine not sound proofed car ?
  10. Yes I have a number of lotus specialist and I get mine done at lotus dealership but I often wonder if Toyota could deal with it as I have one not too far from me. I wanted to ask question in case there’s any Toyota mechanics on this forum who might claim they can carry out service or repairs ?
  11. Hi new forum but I have a weekend car lotus Evora which runs of a Toyota 3.5 engine and gearbox is derived from Toyota. both engine and gearbox are tweaked by lotus maybe so much that it’s almost not a Toyota origins anymore? so my question would a Toyota garage be able to not only complete general service but also things like clutch replacement etc ?
  12. Low 20’s it’s like a whisper ? I use Spotify of my iPhone and at anything under 30 you can’t hardly hear the song words or instruments with the phone connected by wire and using CarPlay it’s using the HU power the volume regardless at what is set on the phone ? as previous forum member said I have to live with it
  13. Can you not get test drive back to your home so can check it for sure ? when I was selecting a car I got Corolla for weekend to test it
  14. Oh well I guess will just have to put up with for next 4 years it’s shame as Toyota are trying to give Corolla a more premium feel they fallen on a generally trivial area ?
  15. Hi Swanthecat yes I have tweaked the tone, balance , rear and front settings as well as speed volume settings etc but alas no effect. at approaching max volume 50-55 distortion does start to kick in and you loose sound quality hence I thought the power amp in the unit is poorly specified ? it’s a shame as when I start to drive the car I go on long journey for work but I didn’t want to specify the upgraded JBL system as after 4 years I hand the car back
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